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So I just got the hard copy of my blog in the mail today and am REALLY happy with it! hahaha it's the little things in life eh? But it is a really good quality hardcover book, so pretty excited about that. And it includes all the comments which really make the blog what it is. So please, comment away! It may one day get published :) In exactly one edition *g* So I know there are some people who read my blog just for my stories, which I have to admit, I'm continually both stunned and flattered by :) These people however, generally have little to no interest in the horsey side of things or the day-to-day randomness, and so I lose them as "truly intelligent people" - and fair enough. But very sad. So for these people I've set up an "I'm telling you stories..." blog. The template and layout is still under construction, but the basics are there. So if you are one of said readers (and even if you're not!!!) please please please consider going to visit and letting me know if the layout etc works. And also, if you would, following :) Right now my list is very sadly empty. Booo. Was quite an adventure setting it up. Decided I would use WordPress to publish, mostly cause they have some interesting stats available. Figured out how to copy my Blogger blog into WordPress -- except it's all or nothing. So upload the entire blog and then delete all the extra posts. Ok all good. But then discover WordPress doesn't have following (which I really want) AND you have to pay to manipulate the css. Less kewl. So decide I'm going back to Blogger, but didn't want to go through the whole deleting everything again. So figure ok it was easy to import to WP, why not import the new WP file to Blogger? Oh yeah, cause Blogger doesn't do that *sigh*. So googled a solution that using their host would take my WP file and convert it to something B could read so I could upload it to B. Sheesh. Classic eh? This is why it'd be a good idea to research features *ahead* of time >;-P hahaha ah well. Up and running now. I'm also getting TheoryThursday ready to go again this fall -- will also be blog style cause really, it's just so much easier that way :) It'll be returning in Oct (or so the current plan is anyways :) So now I find myself with FOUR blogs. And no time for one. hahaha should be entertaining if nothing else. Go hard or go home right? So on an entirely different note, my Mum sent me this email thread and I was amused enough that I got her permission to share it. Bonus points to Star TV for good customer service! For several years, StarTV re-broadcast the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on the following night at 10:00pm. I liked to watch the beginning of the show before I fell asleep. When Conan took over the show I stopped watching it and StarTV eventually put something else in that timeslot. When Jay Leno went back to the Tonight Show, I sent an email to StarTV asking that Leno be moved back to the 10:00pm slot. The attached note came today. ------------------------------------------------------- Subject: RE: Tonight Show with Jay Leno Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 10:44:19 -0400 From: Hi Beverley I am happy to inform you that The Tonight Show with Jay Leno will be returning to the 10pm ET timeslot as of September 6, 2010. Thanks again, Star! Programming ------------------------------------------------- hahaha now you have to note -- her original e (not attached) was sent in March and received a "thank you for your suggestion" type form response, but I thought it was pretty impressive that somebody filed it somewhere AND remembered to answer it months after the fact when the change was made. Given how many such comments they must get about every change they make it says something about their organizational abilities if nothing else :)


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