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A new (only to me) dimension to music

So I was never into music videos as a kid - nor as an adult for that matter - but they play at the top of the screen in the lyric app I’m using for Spanish active listening practice.

And for the most part I see the first few seconds and the last few seconds cause otherwise I have to pay very close attention to which words I need to tap and when and I can only look one place at a time.

But one I was doing today (that was random selection) the few seconds I saw at the end of the video proved the intent was the opposite of the literal words - which I admit I had guessed because I’m not new at interpreting text, just new to Spanish context.  But this one was made so powerfully disturbing as a result of the contrast between what was being said and the action being shown that now I’m wondering how much I’ve missed out on as a result of not watching videos over the years.

That being said, I kinda have to acknowledge I have zero patience or interest in music videos - I can appreciate the appeal for others but it’s not my thing (kinda like podcasts!) but I have a new respect for plot twists that are purely visual.   

I feel like there's a literary or dramatic term for this (where the action reveals meaning different from the words) but for the life of me I can't think of what - if you know, please share!   I'm getting stuck on dramatic irony, but that's not correct - although I suppose it could *lead* to it if it weren't the end of the song ;)

Reminds me  - I had a Shakespeare prof in uni who was adamant that to appreciate Shakespeare you had to treat it as a play not as literature.  Which of course makes absolute theoretical sense but, with zero stage background, I had no idea what was meant…

Prof was awesome though and by the end I had a whole new appreciation for the art of directing.  

Some examples for those as lost as I was:  consider:  the script says Huey, Dewie, and Louie are all on stage - Huey and Dewie are talking to each other.   What about Louie?   Is he standing where he can hear their conversation?   Do they *know* he’s listening?  What’s the impact if he’s hiding behind a tree?  What if he *doesn't* hear any of it?  Does it change how other scenes might play later?

The modern version ;-P

Alt there’s a line about “take this from this if this be false” (paraphrasing here cause I’m on my phone and it’s a pita to google - pretty sure it was Hamlet, but it’s been a long time since I was fluent in Shakespeare!) - so wtf is happening?   Gestures are everything here.   Are we taking his head from his neck?   Are we taking a ring from his finger?   An apple from a pie (not a game you’d want to play in Titus Andronicus), etc etc 

Anyways - that was one of the single most impactful uni courses I ever took wrt expanding my horizons and it just really struck me that this is essentially the music version of the same.   And I kinda love it.


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