Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Writing mostly cause I’m smiling :)

 So dance was a riot tonight.  Tonight was w partner and C was more on than I was lol.    They also had us switch partners???  That was definitely interesting and moderately useful.   Both J and I said it gave us a new appreciation for our partners ;).  Although it only just occurred to me now that neither the boys agreed.  Hmmm ah well ;)

Learning a new turn today and was a little more of a challenge because this coach doesn’t generally demonstrate the footwork for the women.   And when he takes a partner, it’s another student so highly unlikely they’ll get it exactly correct.   So I knew it wasn’t working but wasn’t till right at the end of the class that I figured out why.  Ah well - C had his part down at least ;).   And J had the exact same challenge I did so I feel like I wasn’t alone.  Fun though - amazing how much more you feel like you’re actually dancing when you can move around outside the beginner square ;)

Was a very long day, but that was a fun way to end it :)


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