Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Life is more interesting when you're easily impressed

So I was playing w my VR for the first time in months (looks like May was the last time I logged in) and discovered two things - my fitness level is horribly pathetic right now (yeah gym opens tomorrow!)   Anyways - yeah I was getting a workout from my games so that’s both sad and amusing at the same time.  

But what was really cool is the second thing -- they’ve updated the nav system so you don’t need controllers?!?!?!   This was SO cool.  Just point at what you want and use the usual pinch gesture to select and good to go.  No gloves, no wires, no buttons.  Really incredible.  So that was my fun thing I learned tonight.   

Both games I played still needed controllers - but both games you’d be holding something anyways (light sabers in one and a racket in the other).  I have one game there’s no logical reason to hold something but it needed a big update so I just let it go and will test it out another day.  I’m betting that’s why it needed the update ;)


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