Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

This is how a summer Saturday is supposed to be :)

Earlier this week I hacked new pony (Squirrel! -- new pony's name is Argo, but mostly I call him Dude - what can I say, he's that kind of personality. He's actually the kindest horse, but a bit of a goofball. I don't think I've ridden anything like him since Rio... That being said, until Argo, Rio is the only gelding I've ever ridden. hmmmm) okay back to the originally scheduled story -- we hacked around the XC course. He has hacked before but not yet on this property and his history is entirely in the jumper ring (which is where his other rider wants to play). And of course I visited the water, which he wanted nothing to do with *sigh*. And fair - jumpers are taught that getting their feet wet is a Very Bad Idea. I had thought to hack up the bank and over the ditch too but abandoned that after the water fail. So I didn't pick a battle, just figured I'd come back w a horse who's good with water and try again.

Fast forward to me deciding it'd be a good life choice to ride at noon today. In 35 degree weather. Sure why not. Socialized a bit as my friend Sabrina - who I rode with 15 years ago?!?! That made me feel so old when I realized - anyways she was there helping her daughter prep for a show tomorrow so we chatted for a bit and eventually I got around to riding. Started in the dressage ring and he was so good. And it was hot. So after about 20 mins I decided we were going hacking :).

When I crested the hill to the XC field, I could hear a lesson going on and I recognized the voice... Lol it was Stephanie, my first real coach - who I rode w all through high school, schooling some of her current students. So I figured Argo, who had grown about a hand at this point, could go watch and learn to chill. We wandered down and he watched pretty fascinated as the other horses ran around and jumped stuff *g*. When they got to the water though, I asked Stephanie if I could borrow a lead and Argo promptly made a new friend. With just a bit of hesitation and a whole lot of pawing, we got him in the water! Woohoo! Splashed around a bit and went in and out a couple times :). Awesome.

So I kept watching as they had their lesson, wandered him up the bank and over the tiny ditch all with no problem :) Then Judith came down hacking her mare, so I joined them for a trip around the property and got to go in the water a few more times from different angles and once by himself :). Woohoo! A long quiet calm ride around xc - such a perfect day and I am firmly in my happy place :). Start jumping for real this week! Woohoo!


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