Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

1/2 way through my first 50km ride

My current view, turned around toward home...
I am writing this at the 25km mark of a 50km ride.   

Things I've learned:
- it's colder on a bike than sports I'm used to.  Almost every rid I've had, I've ended up freezing.
- I'd much rather be on a horse; although the bike is certainly easier in many ways ;)
- I'm significantly faster on the road than on the rail trail.  This is sad as I'm not terribly fast on the road.
- My shoulders still very sore but lasting much longer than they used to.
- There are only 2 weeks till my first 100km ride.  And my first ride with a large number of other people.  Slightly overwhelmed at the idea.
- Protein bars have a really gross texture to them.   Ugh.

Okay break taken, protein bar mostly eaten, water inhaled.  Time to head back!

Edited to add:  random other cyclists (autocorrect just updated that to characters ;) checked to see if I was okay while I was sitting on my break.  Certainly everyone I've met doing this has been incredibly supportive and friendly.

Edited again to add:  the second half of the ride was significantly easier than the first, presumably as it was mostly down hill ;).  After 50km though I am exhausted.  My legs are done and my seat...  My poor seat.  Ow.   200km in two days is going to be brutal!   If you're interested in supporting my endeavour to help conquer cancer in our life time, click here :). Huge thanks to all those who have already donated!!!


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