Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

This is not how Sunday mornings are meant to be spent...

Went to an interesting spin class today - the focus was on spinning as training to ride as opposed to spinning as its own fitness activity.  This may seem a minor differentiation but in reality it was a completely different experience.

This class was all people who are participating in Ride to Conquer Cancer of varying skill levels.  Focus was on maintaining the same level of energy output throughout.  The bike's computer showed watts, revolutions, and a few other random details.   We were to adjust the tension so that we were hitting a certain number of watts at a particular number of revolutions.   (Eg - get to 85 revolutions and set tension so end result is 100 watts...  then reduce to 65 revs and still maintain 100 - meaning tension has to go way up).   Premise being while riding outside regardless of hills, wind, etc focus should be on maintaining a consistent energy usage.   With a secondary focus on maintaining a consistent rhythm.

At first I was all over the place but by the end I had managed to at least be within five of wherever I was supposed to be consistently - I'm going to deem that a win :)   Down side -- my actual bike computer doesn't give me all the same information the spin bike does; revs yes, energy no...

Less of a win is that my hind muscles are already screaming and I have to sit on them for several hours tomorrow.  Fail.   But hopefully the beach will help them relax ;)

For those just dropping into the story - this early morning class is to help me prep for the Ride to Conquer Cancer.  Your support by clicking this link and donating would be greatly welcomed!


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