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An unplanned trip to 50 years ago...

So the rabbit is at the vet again.  Prognosis for immediate short term is good -- he can come home tomorrow.  Long term however . . .    Let's just say the mechanics have a pool going on which month he will die, and I don't think anybody's voting for anything past early spring.  *sigh*

Anyways - while waiting for the prognosis, Chris and I went to test drive a couple cars that are on the potential list.  So we went to VW in Burlington and I'm still slightly flabbergasted by the experience.  When we went in, the person who met us was particularly unhelpful.   First it was the completely disdainful tone when he asked whether we were shopping for new or used, with his entire body language indicating we should perhaps go to the used car store next door.   Now to be honest I'd consider either, but I was fairly appalled at the attitude.  At least the attitude Chris was getting -- since while Chris had mentioned twice that *I* was the one shopping, the sales ass (SA) had yet to actually address me.

SA looked particularly appalled when I answered instead of Chris, but so be it.  I mentioned that I was looking for some information on the Golf; did they have any 2016s left?  In the most condescending of tones "they've been gone for months."  Ummm okay.   How about 2017s then?   So he walked us over to the nearest one.  "Well this is our base model.  All the information is there." and pointed to the info flyer in the window.  Gee thanks.

Decided not to mention I'd already decided on the next model up and thought maybe I'd try leading with options to see what SA would recommend.   "I'd prefer a two door and will want the package that includes a sunroof --"  "Well this car doesn't come in two door."   Fair enough, had he managed to say it without rolling his eyes.  I hadn't even answered when he stalked off to pick up a pile of papers off a desk and flipped through them before stabbing one with his finger.  "There.  See.  No two door option."   Ummm okay dude.   But then he saw another note, "oh, this car is only available in manual."  "That's okay.  I actually prefer it."  "No, manual.  Five speed."  There was a long pause while he looked at me like he was waiting for the light to go on.  Then, slowly, "Can you drive a manual?"   Complete disbelief on his face; as though he was still sure I didn't understand what I was asking.  After I'd just told him I preferred it.  So that was the final straw for me.  But I was a little stunned trying to get my head around the entire experience with my internal filters working overtime rejecting everything that popped into my head.  Before I managed to come up with any response that wouldn't lower me to his level, Chris interjected with a very calm "Laur, let's go somewhere else."

Yes.  Best idea all day.  So we went to Honda, where the first person who saw us was about to meet another client but immediately went to find somebody to help us.  The person who came was A - willing to speak directly to me (imagine!), B - willing to discuss both used and new options with equal respect and effort, and C - answering questions as though they were reasonable.   Imagine that ;)

Sadly I actually really like my VW, but definitely won't be buying one from that dealership.  And when I bought my current one I had a similar experience with the VW dealership in Oakville.  Equally dismissive, but at the time my filters weren't nearly as well developed so that was ended significantly faster ;)   There are times I miss that me ;-P   I did eventually find a VW dealer all the way in Brampton who was inclined to treat me like a reasonably intelligent human being, may have to go back to her.  But really, how is this behaviour still acceptable?   Totally ridiculous.

For now, let's just hope the rabbit lives a while longer.  Because I have a feeling the next car will be a civic.


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