Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

That moment when you realize it's Friday...

So usually after I get off the train, my walk commute to work is short, under construction, and completely boring.  Today, however, I wasn't going to work but rather up to St. Mike's.  And it was cold, which meant an indoor walk instead.  This provided more entertainment than I had anticipated.

First was the alarms going off in Union Station.  I assumed they were first level fire alarms that were to be ignored like most first level fire alarms.  Which was all good till I heard a seemingly harmless announcement that lead to all the security guards booking it.  Even the info dude was on his walkie talkie and left his station.   Alas I had insufficient time to play lost tourist so I just left the building and whatever was going on is a story I shall never know.

So because I didn't wander down to the old section (where the alarms were) I was forced to go outside to cross the street.  Horror of horrors - it's cold out there!  That one block was just long enough to confirm it should be an indoor walk today.  However it was also long enough to walk past the best sight.  A well dressed older man, envision movie style grandfather mafia, smoking a cigar, leaning on the golden lion statue.  I really wish I'd stopped to ask if I could take his photo :).

Sadly, I did not, and instead ducked indoors to the sounds of a polka band playing in the subway.  It was way too early for that!  Although really, I'm not convinced there is a good time for polka.

Decided I wanted breakfast and just kept walking till I found a breakfast place w a moderate line instead of a huge one.  Have also decided mini muffins are awesome!  Cheap and just the right size :).  And pina colada flavoured ones are just fun.

So eventually made it where I was going and was deemed healthy enough for surgery.  Ummm woohoo?   And then back to work.  But as I have a few very important meetings this aft, I had to dress like a grown up.   Not wearing casual clothes on Friday makes it feel like it's not Friday, which then makes the realization that it is, in fact, Friday, fairly wonderful :)

Happy Weekend!


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