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Ding, dong, the house is gone...

It's been what one might consider an interesting week...

Let's see.  Friday night we made arrangements to go see seven houses on Saturday morning.  By Saturday morning only four were left.  Of the four, we quite liked two.  One had only just come on the market, and we were pretty sure it'd have a bidding war putting it out of our price range (it did -- ended I think about $50K above asking), the other (which we actually liked better) we decided to put an offer in.

So we met our agent Saturday afternoon to sign off on that, then drove out to meet Kerri and Steve for dinner for Kerri's bday.  Yeah :)   Super good to see them cause, well, that doesn't happen nearly often enough!

Sunday daytime I've already pretty much forgotten, so I feel like we didn't do a ton ;)   We did, however, go for an absolutely lovely dinner with Chris' family for his birthday.  So. Much. Yummy. Food.   Ugh.   Came home in a food coma and did nothing till sleep time.  Sometimes those are actually the best days.

I stayed in Paris on Sunday night because Monday was my brother-in-law's wedding.  Yup, Ted and Hillary got married on leap day :)  Was a really nice ceremony; Hillary was gorgeous and the kids were so excited.  This was followed by - yup - more food.  hahaha  Just seemed to be the weekend for it.   Now all the guys were impressed with the idea that Ted would only have to celebrate an anniversary every four years (why is it a have to for men but a want to for women?   That's a divide I've yet to understand).   But really, you know it's going to be a mini-anniversary on the normal years and a big anniversary on the leap years.   Which  means every four years, he has a big anniversary.  Every four.  Most couples celebrate a big anniversary every five after the first one.  One, five, ten, fifteen, twenty, etc...  But no, now Ted's going to have every four AND likely all the big ones.  And that's when we found out leap day was Hillary's suggestion.  Well played ;)    hahaha and know that I am just teasing -- I actually think that's a very cool date to get married on; I love it when people pick days that have a significance beyond "random Saturday".

Now in the middle of all this, shortly after the deadline (which occurred during the ceremony), we received word the sale of our house had been finalized!   Woohoo!  Not to take away from the wedding, but that news was also pretty exciting - at least for us :)  

Because I figured that might run late, I made arrangements to work from home on Tues as well and stayed in Paris on Monday night.   This ended up being a good thing as the only time we could make work to go see the mortgage person was Tuesday late afternoon.  Getting approval was no problem; deciding the most efficient way of handling our finances, best balance of money to put toward the down payment and not being extraordinarily broke after, and horrifyingly adult decisions about such fun things as insurance -- all of that was what took the time.

So much time that by the time we left, there was a rather impressive blizzard going on.  As such, I decided to stay Tues night as well and work from home on Wed.  Just as well because on Wed our house offer was accepted!   Woohoo!   So after Chris got home from work we signed the small mountain of paper work and it's done.  We now own (or are about to own) a house in Burlington.  Woohoo!  Sadly it's still going to be an hour and a half commute one way *sigh* and the house has a tiny yard (sorry Sash!) -- but other than that I'm super stoked about it.  Will be nice to settle a little, and, well, actually living with my husband is something I've been looking forward to for a while :)

After signing paperwork, I raced home to change into barn gear and then off to teach, where Kennedy and Callie were just so much fun to teach jumping.  Both totally on the ball tonight.  Awesome.  Cold night though.  Brrrrr.   And man do I ever miss riding :(

Now the challenge for tomorrow is to figure out how to write a cheque on a chequing account for which I never actually got any cheques ;)   Seriously, who writes cheques anymore?   But I need to, so that's tomorrow's challenge before meeting up with our Burlington agent to provide said cheque as a deposit for the new house.  Fortunately there is, in fact, a branch in my office building and I feel like they'll be able to resolve that for me at lunch time tomorrow.

Friday I once again relocate back to Paris (3 or 4 weekends left and then no more!!!) so that Saturday we can go back to Burlington to do the house inspection.  Assuming it passes, we'll be good to go.  Close on the new house Easter weekend, and have to be out of ours end of March.

SO excited!  


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