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Argh Matey

You know you've had a restless sleep when you wake up with your eye patch attached to your arm.  Admittedly a new experience for me, but sheesh.

And yes, I have an eye patch.  Sadly it's not a sexy pirate one -- rather transparent plastic.  Makes me feel all kinds of attractive getting ready for bed let me tell you ;-P

Quick eye update for those who've been asking (and thanks for your concern!).  At the one-week follow up appointment, the surgeon seemed happy with how everything looked.  Retina reattached.  There was a detail that part of the iris is tucked underneath the lens???   Ummm less cool.  But apparently I should not have any symptoms from that (ie the only way to know is to be an eye doctor of some form inspecting the eye).  Correctable with surgery, but not needed unless symptoms appear.  Only worrying because, well, my luck hasn't been good so far *sigh*

Anyways -- I'm allowed to be out and about and slowly start doing things again.  Cause, you know, I'm so good at that.  Tried to dial into work Mon/Tues and failed horribly both days.  Today woke up with pounding eye and head and deemed maybe I was being slightly stupid.  So I'm going to take the full week with no more than 1/2h a day dialed in (comeon, I've got to at least skim my email) and spend most of the rest of it lying around with my eyes closed.   *sigh*   I at least bought a lawn chair and dark glasses so I can sit outside.  So frustrating now though cause I'm back in the "feeling fine but can't do anything" phase.  Last week I felt so miserable I didn't *want* to do anything.  Less of a challenge ;)   Arguably this is improvement but still.  Ugh.

So if you're not seeing as much of me online as you'd hoped -- now you know why.   And if you're not seeing as much of me in person -- be glad, the eye is seriously disturbing to look at ;-P


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