Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

First world problems

Today started out alright -- got up, never my favourite thing to do, but on time.  Did my mini-exercise (10 minute fitness -- I try to get that, at least, in before work so if I'm exhausted after and don’t do a real workout at the end of the day, at least something will have been done.  I am, after all, getting married on a beach in February ;).  Got dressed and ready to go…  And then should've gone back to bed.

Starting to pack for work the failures began.  Step one -- I couldn't find my kobo.   I knew I didn't have it with me when I went to read it on the weekend, but I figured I'd just left it in my work bag.  Nope, apparently not.  No time for a thorough search, so simply kobo-less today.  Booo.   Making lunch I realize I left my lunch container at Chris'.  Frig.  And then, worse, as I went to leave the house I realized my gloves -- you know, the ones I *always* leave in the car -- are also in Paris.  Not good as it's all kinds of miserable out.

Driving to the train station, I get stopped at a train crossing.  Nbd -- unlike train crossings at the barn which can take upwards of half an hour, this one is almost always GO or Via and lasts about long enough to pause momentarily.  It was, in fact, a GO train, but not one that had any interest in actually going anywhere *sigh*   It slowed to a complete stop, immediately before the crossing.  It was not the train I was aiming for, rather the one before it, but still had the potential to make me late for mine.   Eventually it deigned to move on and I was able to continue on my merry way to the station.

Well apparently when it snows, everybody takes the train.  Which strikes me as odd because I distinctly remember horrible traffic on snow days when I drove in so clearly there are still people driving…  Regardless, the floor I usually park on was full so had to go up a level.  Nbd -- just have to remember when I come home!

So I swipe my presto card and…  Nothing.  Hmmmm Okay fine, dig it out of my wallet and try again -- this time it worked.  Why it wouldn't deign to work in the exact same spot in my wallet it's always in?  I have no idea.  But even with the time delay I made it.  Sweet.   And even with the excessive number of extra people, I got a seat.  Helps knowing exactly where to stand on the platform ;)

But then the woman next to me started humming.  I'm not even kidding.  Older than me, sitting on a rush hour train, humming away.  It made me long for an overly rude and obnoxious cell phone user just to drain her out.  The whole ride.  And it was an extra long ride as we had to stop twice to let other trains figure out where they were going.

Eventually got to work.  I like work.  People don't hum there.  Things should get better right?  Well yes, except apparently my computer felt the weekend shouldn't quite be over.  It's a reasonably new and quick, albeit heavy, machine -- but it took a solid 25 minutes and three tries to boot up.  I was about thirty seconds from calling tech support when it finally deigned to bring up anything other than the login screen.  Fortunately that was counteracted by my first meeting being cancelled so the time almost exactly balances out ;)

Any of this a big deal?  Nope -- not even slightly.  The subject line should've portrayed that ;-P  But I'm sad and I'm stressed and I really can't wait for life to even pretend to stabilize a little.  It's definitely on the right track, but like that train this morning, just not moving quite fast enough...


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