Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

“Many years ago, I resolved never to bother with New Year’s resolutions, and I’ve stuck with it ever since” – Dave Beard

It has been a week of chaos. Almost controlled chaos, but chaos nonetheless.  That's the short version.

Christmas was great.  All presents delivered and seemingly enjoyed.  Good time with family and friends.  Stephy even came out to help me get the barn done in record time!  Sweet :)

Boxing day was back to the reality of moving.  Between Chris, my dad, Jamie, Rebecca, Kirby and I we got a ton done.  All the boxes moved and two loads of hay while Jen did all the barn work.  Exhausting but effective.

Friday was a day of just horse care and setting up for Saturday.  Ah Saturday.  That's a day that's been already erased from my memory.  But, just for you, I'll dig deep for the memory.  A ton of incredible people pitched in to accomplish the theoretically impossible.  Several loads of stuff and nearly 2000 bales of hay moved.  True story.  Seriously.

Sunday we were all pretty tired, but the games continued as we moved all the equipment and, more impressively, xc jumps.  Woohoo!  AND thanks to Jamie, also got all the fence boards that were destroyed in the ice storm repaired.  Starting to come together. 

Nice dinner cause, really, by this point somebody else was going to cook >;-P   And, actually, for once, managed to go to sleep early.  Exhaustion counts for something.

Monday morning we moved the last two horses.  Nina wasn't sure she wanted to get on the trailer, but with Rebecca and Kennedy's help, we managed it and everybody arrived safely.  Pleased to discover the power was back on.  Woohoo!  Then...  Can you imagine?  More packing!

Eventually it was New Year's Eve.  Crazy day.  As some of you know, New Year's isn't my favourite holiday.  In fact, most years I skip it entirely.  This year though, I had no choice.  And the timing of the new start was so cliched my editor would never have let it stand.  Sometimes though, you just have to sit back and watch the show.  My parents helped me finish packing and cleaning.  A run to Laura's, another run to the dump, a final conversation with the landlords and we parted for the last time, on good terms.  Not a bad finish. 

I even managed to catch a short nap before going out for the evening.  Yes, you read that right >;-P  A party with Chris's friends -- and sure enough, the first night in years I'm not responsible for night check, I end up in a barn *g*   hahaha but at least it was for a tour and not with any responsibility.   Parties aren't usually my favourite thing and New Year's even less so, but have to say I actually had a really good time.  Quite a pleasant surprise when you go in expecting nothing and end up enjoying yourself.  We had several new year's -- celebrating with each time zone in the country.  I figure I made up for all the last few years in one *g*   hahaha

So then, theoretically, as of Jan 1, I was on vacation.  You read that somewhere right?  Off until the 6th?  Right...  Well I did actually sleep most of Jan 1.  Slept in, had traditional New Year's pancakes, veged on the couch for hours, had a nap...   All good.   But then I was at the barn the next two days.  Classic eh?   And I have a mountain of stuff to do over the next couple weeks.  But mostly set up for what *needs* to be done by Monday.  Everything else is waiting for next week as I'm going to make every effort to actually take a WHOLE weekend off.   You think?   It's a more reasonable goal than five days ever was *g*   Am pretty excited about some of the upcoming projects though.  So that's all good :)

And, I have high hopes, I might actually get to read a book :)   Imagine that.   Or better yet -- write one >;-}

Have no idea what 2014 might bring, but reasonably certain it'll be quite the adventure.  Stick around and see.


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