Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Remember, it's not safe to swim alone after dark.

It's 1:30 am.  I'm bored.  Consider yourself forewarned.

I've finished wrapping a mountain of gifts.  Yes you read that right -- and it's not even Christmas Eve yet!   I won't say I'm finished shopping, but I'm a whole lot closer than I usually am this time of year *g*   Arguably because between trying to look after a full barn of horses, teach usual lesson schedule, pack, and organize a move, I have very restricted time to shop.  So have made the best of it :)

Anyways -- I find myself up well past the point of exhaustion (that was about two days ago) and fairly wired.  Not a new experience by any means *g*  But the productive things I could be doing either A - require other people who are currently sound asleep, B - require going outside which, tbh, I just don't feel like, or C - I quite frankly, don't feel like doing them.  Option D was to bake cookies, but I feel like the mixer might be a rather rude awakening for the sleeping members of the household *g*  Besides, that's tentatively scheduled for late Monday night -- and really, what would I do if I got ahead of schedule???  *shudder* not worth considering.

Moved the first load of stuff to the other barn today.  Makes it all more real.  In some ways it was nbd because, of course, I've been in that barn before.  In other ways it was really hard.  Really. Hard.  But I'm working intently to only focus on positives...  Like having FIVE days OFF.  Consecutively.  Yes ladies and gentlemen you read that right.  It has recently come to my attention that from Jan 1 through when lessons resume on the 6th, I will have nothing I absolutely have to do outside the house.  Emergency barn calls will go to someone other than I.  Organizing staff when everybody's away will be another person's responsibility.  Caring for the horses, again, not my issue.  AND my horses will have been moved there early enough that they should be settled by then so I won't even be stressing about them.  Well, not too much anyways.  Let's be realistic here *g*   It's even plausible I may actually be able to turn off my phone.  Can you imagine?  I haven't done that since the trip to Cuba...   Quick search of old posts puts that at Feb 2010.  It's been a while.

And yes, now I'm back having just reread my whole trip.  So much fun.  Planning to go somewhere this Feb. Finally have enough travel points stored up!  Woohoo!  So maybe more fun blog posts coming :)   Really, that's pretty much what's keeping me going at the moment, so fairly counting on it.

The clock is telling me it's now 2am...  I should probably at least pretend to go to sleep sometime soon >;-P   Have found THREE superstar xmas gifts this year.  Pretty excited about that!  Of course shopping early means now I have to wait longer.  What a foolish plan.  Sheesh.

Alright well next few days are going to be insanely busy, so prob best if I sign off.   Night!

Oh and the subject line -- it was from one of my Cuba Flash Fictions.  Huge gold star if you remember it :)  Completely random but made me smile and so it is.


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