Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Two words, for now...

Posted this image on my author FB page today and was going to write my answer there...  But then I realized that, as with the 6-word stories, there are too many options.   So here goes -- please feel free to add to the list in the comments :)

Have fun
Trust yourself
Love yourself
Enjoy life
Waste time
Work hard
Play harder
Heels down
Slow down
Drive carefully
Travel everywhere
Carpe diem
No worries
Enjoy insanity
Friends count
Family too
Mum's right  (New rule - contractions are one word *g*)
So's Jen
Love fully
Eyes up
Why not?
It's okay.
Normal's boring
You can
You will
I promise
Promises count
Always forgive
Never forget
Accept truths
Challenge ideas
Question everything
Study everything
Learn to count
Forget calculus
Stay warm
Avoid winter
Travel more
Bend rules
Be brave
Be scared
Be smart
Be kind
Be young
Be wise
Be free
Be loved
Be yourself
Dream big
Think deeply
Take risks
Fear not
Speak up
Save money
Achieve goals
Remember childhood
Hold hands
Read lots
Write lots
Write late
Sleep later
Sleep in
Take photos
Take naps
Take baths
Take time
Give time
Travel again
Gets better
Keep riding
Run occasionally
Just breathe
And above all else:  Wear sunscreen

Okay I might've stolen that last one.   But I had to end this insanity somehow.  And that was avoiding all the "don'ts" that came to mind.  Going for positive here.  And pg ;)  And ignoring the completely silly things *g*  

Your list?


How could I ever forget that one! Lmao Nicole :) And, of course, true story ;)


Don't settle. (making use of the contraction rule! ;-) )


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