Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Promise kept.

Came across this today and it amused me enough to include it here because, well really, story of my life :)

So Lexi's being a teenager these days, hence the lack of posts about fun and exciting stuff cause, well, we don't get to *do* fun and exciting stuff.  *sigh*   Mostly we dance around on our hind legs.  When she does deign to go forward it is, admittedly, brilliant :)   Gives me lots of hope for the future.  But the rest of the time.  Ugh.  Normal 5yo behaviour -- but usually I back them significantly earlier so by the time we get here we have some basic rules installed.  This...  This is less fun.   Ah well - five years from now when she's a superstar, it'll be amusing to look back and remember...  Sane, quiet, weak-willed horses do not go advanced...

We're into the fall schedule at GRS now so things have been crazy getting switched around this week.  A good number of the uni girls are back though and there are a few new ones, so all good.  Having lots of fun with them.  Competitive team is gearing up for champs, so also all sorts of exciting :)

Have my book back from the editor but alas it has a fair amount of work to do and I've been less than dedicated to doing it *g*   Suspect as the last of this wonderful weather fades, that will become more appealing.  Somewhat amused that summer has finally chosen to visit -- in September.  Classic.

Actually did manage to get a summer day on a beach this year.  Wow - amazing.  Esp given the combination of lack of summer days and lack of free time!  Hahaha I can't remember the last time I was on a beach in Canada *g*   A whole bunch of girls pitched in at the barn to give me the afternoon off -- it was awesome.  I have the greatest group of people at my barn.  Does make going to work every day a whole lot more fun let me tell you.  And not going to work - equally amazing :)    For she who never stops moving, I've discovered I'm remarkably good at lying on a beach (or in a hammock) with a book.   I have two speeds: stop and go.  Very little in-between.

Had quite the war with our smoke detector the other day.  Apparently when it reaches its tenth birthday it starts beeping.  And won't stop.  Ever.  It's been replaced and banished to the garage -- where it continues to chirp every thirty seconds or so.  It's becoming a game to get out the door and in the car without being chirped at >;-P

And referring to home furnishings...  Our clock:
What time is it?
Okay I think that's quite enough random babbling for now.  Lots of sun, gorgeous night out, high energy teaching...  I should know better than to sit in front of the keyboard when I get home :)


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