Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

I'm still alive :)

Right so it's been a while.  How's your summer going? :)   Mostly figured I should post because one of my friends dropped by the barn the other day to see if I was still alive *g*  On the one hand, glad she cared :)   On the other, oops...  hahaha

Usual summertime chaos -- having a blast with Lexi, although she's a long way from ready to compete *sigh* but learning quickly.  Hoping for *next* summer now.  School's doing well and the competitive team brings home ribbons every time out, so reasonably happy about that.  Mud hero on Saturday.  Ummmm definitely thinking I'm not even remotely fit enough for that, so it sb entertaining.  It just may get its own post >;-P

Writing....  Psyc novel first draft is long since done and totally on hold until such time as I choose to do something with it.  Maybe never >;-P   Second fantasy novel, however, is also complete and is at the editor's.  I'm really quite excited about this one :)   It'll be the first in a series.  The second one is started, but paused as life got in the way.  hahaha will be continued at some point though!

The evil side of me had to laugh the other day.  The exotic car tours often drive around here, and tbh they make me laugh.  If I wanted to spend a stupid amount of money just to rent a snazzy car, I'd want to drive it where I want to go not follow a line of a dozen others...  But sobeit, people actually pay money for this.   Yesterday as I was driving there were a whole line of them pulled over to the side of the road.  The lead car was clearly having engine troubles so a dozen ridiculously expensive but very pretty looking cars all pulled over, one w the hood up, and all the disgruntled drivers standing in a huff on the side of the road. I wish I'd been brave enough to stop and take a pic *g*

Summer weather FINALLY seems to be here -- sailing tonight!  Super stoked about that :)

And on the flip side - working on marketing for fall semester for GRS.  Need more students in!   Have a couple spaces for the tween age range, a couple for novice adults ("real" adults), and a bunch for the int/adv university age types...   So if you know of anybody who wants to ride, send em my way :)  

And on that note - time to get back to work!  


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