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Waylon Roberts Clinic

Clinic today was amazing!  Perfect weather, great horses, excellent riding!  All-round good day :)  All of the schoolies participated and we had several horses come visit from outside.  Yeah!

Waylon's focus was on the quality of the canter and maintaining a rhythm.  All the groups started out with trot and canter poles and eventually built up to jumping courses.  He got on one horse that was quite hot and schooled it up, which was great to watch :)

I rode a client's greenbean, who was absolutely lovely.  I was super proud of her.  Was disappointed Lexi hurt her foot yesterday and so couldn't play, but such is life.  *sigh*

Was really happy with my students.  They all did an amazing job!  Even the ones riding challenging horses or catch riding something they don't usually ride, all stepped it up and pulled it off.  And seemed to have fun doing so :)  Woohoo!  Great job ladies!

Also happy with the audience turnout.  Almost everybody stuck around to watch the other groups and several riders who weren't participating still came to watch.  Really happy to have such an involved group :)

Honestly, couldn't've asked for a better day.  Even the pizza was good.  What more can you ask?


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