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GRS attends Equus SC/CT

Today started early-ish with a 6am load -- the girls were ready to go and ponies loaded perfectly.  Great start.  Made it to Equus in record time -- still not quite sure how that happened, but pretty happy about it.  That meant we had time to relax a bit before tacking up.  

Rowan was understandably concerned about not having time to get ready -- she only had six and a half *hours* between when we got there and her first ride time.  hahaha

So Chelsea was riding Bella since Lissy felt the need to step on her heel and remove a chunk of it on Mon *sigh*  Lissy's fine now, but I didn't want her running xc on a just-healed heel...  You can count on one hand the number of times she's ridden Bella, so was understandably a little nervous about her catch ride.  But Bella's essentially an easier version of Lis when it comes to jumping, so I knew they'd be just fine :)
Chelsea and Bella in dressage
We started with Bella's dressage -- it was amazing.  I was SO impressed.  Accurate and rhythmical and even round at times.  Wow.  So Rowan's awesome parents took the horses and the girls and I went to walk the course.  I was surprised at how much xc Chelsea was going to get to do -- it was almost the entire PE course.  Sweet.  Rowan was doing the combined -- so no xc, but two extra fences in stadium.
Chelsea and Bella show jumping
When it came time to jump Chelsea did a great job!  There was a minor misunderstanding between her and Bella leading to a stop in stadium, but Chels figured it out and jumped the rest clear -- coming back from XC with a huge grin on her face!
Dressage warm-up
HOURS later it was Rowan's turn.  She put in awesome dressage.  Not her most competitive test because it wasn't consistent, but from a learning perspective it was awesome.  About half of it was on the bit, the test was much more accurate, and the rhythm was beautiful.  Sweet!
Rowan and Jack in stadium - it started out ok!
Quick tack change and time to jump.  Her warm-up went well, but Jack decided to be a dork *sigh*.  He made it his mission to get to Bella -- regardless of where Rowan was asking him to go.  She *almost* managed to win that one, but sadly Jack won out and Rowan ended on her feet in the show jumping.  She was understandably frustrated and unimpressed, but otherwise unhurt.  We went back to the warmup ring and she jumped a few more fences before being unceremoniously dropped again.  *sigh*  This time her landing wasn't as graceful.  We went and found Jack who was touring the warmup ring and despite being told she absolutely did not have to remount, Rowan wanted to end with something positive and got back on. This time she was successful in her jumping and we called it a day.
Chelsea and Bella over the PT bench
Chelsea and Bella went out for a short XC school where they got to jump most of the entry course and even a few PT fences!  Chels was a little nervous of those -- that's the first time she's jumped any xc that big!  But she gave it a solid effort and the results were brilliant :)   Was lovely to watch!   In the end they placed 6th.  Woohoo!


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