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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Been there. Done that. Got the hat.

They let me drive the boat today!  hahaha yeah - so much fun!  And just slightly terrifying.   A race, remember...  This means other boats.  Lots of them.  In the immediate vicinity.  And I have zero understanding of right-of-way rules between sailboats.  Oh dear.

So our race wasn't *exactly* a race.   In that no other boats in our class showed up!   Frig.  hahaha  But I figure this is why I got to drive so it was still fun.   And the other classes all still had lots of boats, so there was all kinds of chaos to dodge *g*

So we're sailing our way toward the first marker (think GIANT orange floating pillow) and I'm told to aim straight for it.  And then go "just" to the side of it - as close as possible.  So I do and the boat brushes it as we turn.  Perfect.  Ummmmm except evidently you're not actually allowed to *touch* the marker.  *sigh*  Perhaps knowing the rules would be good.  hahaha  Because you see, I can hold a line.  And unlike my horse who feels the need to negotiate every decision with me, when I told the boat "go there" - it went.  And giant floating orange pillow is significantly easier to get to than 3' skinny that my horse wants nothing to do with.   So next time around I knew how it should work and we were all good.

Had a good laugh though -- when you're driving, you're also calling out to the crew what's going on (ie - so they know when to duck!).  But I really have no idea what I'm doing.  So Joe, who was sitting nearby, would tell me what to say and I, feeling like a complete fool because of course they've already heard him say it, would repeat it.  hahaha the first time - omg so funny.  Little tiny mouse voice!   I felt like I was 14 and trying to teach for the first time :)   Should've seen the look Joe gave me - the only comment was "with some authority next time."  Just made me laugh because really - authority in presentation is a rather critical job skill and one I mastered years ago.  She who used to be painfully shy, really has no problem getting up in-front of a room of 200 professionals to give a presentation.  Or teaching a lesson in front of everybody and anybody.   But apparently when I have absolutely ZERO knowledge or confidence in what I'm saying, that ability disappears.  Even faking the ability -- which I tried the next couple times - vanishes.  hahaha ah well.   If I ever get to the point where I'm *actually* driving (as opposed to following instructions) I'm sure I'd be fine with it.

Only almost tipped the boat over once *g*   This is a massive boat.  Tipping it over would be bad.  hahahha but pretty sure since I was the only one panicking about that particular move that it wasn't nearly as severe as it felt to me -- like the "bucking bronco" who simply put his head down to eat some grass *g*    Realize here, the actual skilled helmsman was sitting less than 3' away the entire time -- if I'd been in actual trouble it would've taken about a heartbeat for him to take over.  Have to tell you though - I am having so. much. fun. being the greenbean.   Where *everything* is new and exciting and you can ask stupid questions and do silly things and everybody just smiles patiently.   One of the guys asked if I'd ever had the helm before...  ummmm pretty safe bet the answer to "have you ever?" on a sailboat is "no" *g*   Or better yet: "not yet!"

Greenbean learning moments from today (mostly because I know it amuses my friends who *actually* sail...)   Halyards (remember them from the first day?) are the lines that make the sails go up and down.  There are three of them (one for each sail -- although there should only be two sails going at any one time!)   And you can switch sails at the same time (two tracks - one goes up as the other comes down) so that you're never dead in the water.  Well - other people probably can anyways *g*   So halyards make sails go up and down, sheets go the other way to control the positioning  of the sail.  And there are a bunch of those.  Yes that is an accurate count *g*   Just don't ask me how one decides where to position said sail or which sheet to use.  hahaha I'm still at  the "pull the blue one" level!  Maybe next week *g*

So yeah - still *really* enjoying this game :)   And hey - we won!  hahahhaha

Oh - and back in the dock - somebody gave me a hat from the massively-intense race they actually won that I was NOT a part of last weekend.   Apparently the hat makes me a "real sailor" in the eyes of anybody who sails.  Of the "survived that, got the t-shirt" variety.  Well - until I open my mouth or set foot on a boat that is!  hahahah oh dear.

Only a couple weeks left till my Wed nights will be eaten by puppy school :(   Boooo.  But till then - so. much. fun.


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