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Mini puppy brag :)

Been pretty proud of my puppy lately :)

So in puppy class, the trainers are very good about keeping an eye on any dog that might not be entirely under control in case they have to step in.  It's very rare that they do, but every once in a while it happens that a dog gets to be a little more than the handler is prepared for, and I've watched them step in subtly but effectively.   Well one of the things they teach is "settle/sit" -- as in when the dog is playing, it should stop on command.  I've taught Sasha this one as a combined "chill" command.  And she's very good at it *g*   She has to be, since we tend to play fairly hard :)

Anyways - they tell us to give the play command and I have Sasha pretty thoroughly revved.  hahaha none of the other dog owners seem to play quite that hard *g*  She's barking and jumping around and being totally psyc since it was early in the day and she was still fairy excited, and I half-noticed a couple of the instructors hovering in "just-in-case" position :)   So they tell us to give said "settle/sit" command and I tell Sash to chill and she instantly goes quiet and sits and looks at me.  And behind me all I hear is a very quietly spoken "wow".  hahaha kinda made my day.

So this week I had her out working on recalls -- lots of distractions in the form of the little dogs that belong to my landlords who she adores.  And just as she's about far enough away to call her, the long-leash broke.  And yet even with her own personal squeaky-toys to play with and no way for me to reinforce, she still came right away.  I was pretty thrilled about that :)   Little things in life eh?

And then she followed that by working on leash respect and choosing *not* to chase her cat friend down the driveway.  Again, a little thing, but I was super impressed.  Yeah puppy!

So yeah - nothing of national consequence, but in my little world, I've been pretty happy :)


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