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Rider Level Exam Info

Time has come for our fall rider exams!   Testing only the lower levels this time (upper levels are in the spring).

All candidates must be members of the Ontario Equestrian Federation.  This can be done online: or I'll have a printed application at the barn in the am.

Costs with HST include: $22.60 payable to the Ontario Equestrian Federation (admin fee) and $45.20 payable to Graduate Riding School for the exam itself.

All candidates should arrive at the barn properly attired by 9am.

Group 1 (testing level 1):
Tonya - Nick
Paige - Bella
Maddie - Louis
Kassidy - Lissy

Group 2 (testing level 3):
Brena - Bella
Olivia - Lissy
Caelan - Nick

Group 3 (testing level 3):
Bryn - Nick
Sarah - Louis
Chelsea - Lissy


- Group 1: Stable management and riding test
- Group 2 and 3: Written and partial stable management

- Group 1: Written
- Group 2 and 3: Ride (both groups will do flat then both groups will jump)

- Group 2 and 3: Stable management


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