Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Happy babbling

Ever wonder why we do it?  What makes it worth the hours and the physical labour, and the pain and hurt and frustration that horses bring?    If you don't instinctively know, it'll be very hard to explain, but today's GRS post tries.  And if you *do* know, but are perhaps having trouble remembering at the moment, give it a read and it'll remind you :)

Today was so much fun.   Even hay yesterday was fun when interspersed with pizza and friends :)   I definitely have the coolest job on the planet.

A few years ago I published a "why we event" - in response to one of Denny's posts (long before I ever met him!) about showing under horrific conditions...   Today was another of those for me.  What are your reasons why?  (feel free to sub in any form of riding for event :)


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