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A horsey moment...

So I think somebody told my horses about this morning's post...

They were all super-high when I turned them out this am. Ok, sobeit. But they settled to their round-bales quickly enough. But then about 2h later I came out and the four who are out together (Jack, Apollo, Nick and Sienna) were just tearing around. Sure enough - in exactly their style...

Sienna was showing off and being ridiculously athletic. Seriously impressive to watch. And motivating all the others to continue their games. Any time one would stop, she would goad them into joining in again.

Nick was nearly matching Sienna for athleticism, but doing so off in his own corner, away from all the others.

Jack was trying to play with Nick (who was ignoring him) and Sienna (who was encouraging him) but being unable to match their athleticism, made it more entertaining by doing things like jumping over the hay and u-turns in the shelter.

And Apollo (who, let's be honest, is more likely to sign up for chess club than the basketball team) cantered (that's the extent of his athleticism) gamely after them trying really hard to join the game. Then would stop and look at them all puzzled as they bucked or reared or spun or jumped and wait till they did something he understood again (like run in a straight line) and then join in all happy to be part of the group.

Then off next door we have Lissy who so very much wants to play with the big kids, doing a reasonable facsimile of Sienna and Nick's movements all on her own. Running her own circles when they did and doing the same acrobatics that they did - just in her own playground.

And Dixie? Dixie watched this all with a martyred expression before reminding them all "hey guys, we have HAY. Priorities!" They, of course, ignored her. So she stood and supervised, nibbling occasionally, but mostly just making sure nobody caused any real trouble.

I will admit, it kinda made my morning.


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