Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

It's important to always know where the true threat lies...

Ok I've decided I have to stop watching things "based on a true story" cause let's be honest, reality generally sux. I watch movies entirely to *escape* from anything that resembles reality. I *like* happily ever after. I like it even more if they pull it off in a way that makes it seem like happily-ever-after might actually be a feasible solution. So this whole "real-life" ending of "she made due with what she had and then died" is just not cutting it.

Ugh. Ok end of rant.

On the plus side -- my pony went hacking both yesterday and today and was absolutely amazing. She even jumped her first XC jump ever today -- and did so WAY better than she ever jumps stadium fences. Was like an old pro! hahaha Amazing. So I'm kewl w/ taking her out on XC now hahaha just not too sure about the OTHER two phases!

Had to laugh though -- she was grazing next to the barn, and a pigeon scampered out of the eavestrough (making a reasonable amount of noise) and flew away. Well Si clearly looked up just in time to see the scary noisy bird attacking. But she didn't get *what* exactly was attacking her -- she put it down to... no not the guilty bird, or the barking dog, or even the other horses... It was the EVIL TREE STUMP! hahhaa Couldn't get her near it after that -- snorting and dancing away. Cause we all know tree-stumps often throw pigeons at unwary victims. For the entire rest of the time we were there Si kept a very careful eye on the scary tree stump and was VERY careful not to get tooooooo close.

So I've been planning my show schedule for this year -- both the "wish list" version and the "oh-yeah-my-horse-doesn't-know-how-to-jump-yet" version. hahaha I suspect I'll end up somewhere in the middle :) Is *very* nice not to have to worry about hiring somebody to trailer me everywhere now though, gotta admit :) Still have to find people to drive my students of course, but that's a whole different issue. hahaha I can't wait for show season!


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