Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

On the road again...

So my last ride on Smokey was amazing. John (Smokey's owner's husband, who also took me hunting) took me out on the foundation (4000 acres of riding land -- sand trails etc) for an awesome hack with some random hunt fences thrown in :)

Well I'm now in Pittsburgh... Staying @ an amazing B&B ( -- if you're ever in the area, esp if you have a horse w/ you, I highly recommend it!!!! Sienna loaded brilliantly, had a minor meltdown on the trailer (lathered herself up etc) but then trailered the rest of the way well. Spun herself when we got here, but again settled reasonably well. She seriously stressed me out by not drinking *anything* all day, but was good overnight. The people here are amazing -- let me turn Si out in a paddock where she could see their horses till she chilled, checked on her *way* after I had gone to bed (which I hadn't asked for, they just popped in while I was feeding in the morning to let me know how much she had drank then), etc etc. Super nice and helpful people. The house has a cottage feel to it. With nick-nacks everywhere, wooden floors/beams/etc, and tons of videos. They do have satellite tv and internet though so a good combo of rustic and modern.

Ok have to run, time to reload Sienna. More later :)


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