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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Write things worth reading or live things worth writing...

I've had a few people ask me if I'm going to continue the blog -- with the implication being they'd like me to :) Was rather flattered by that (thank you! :) but am not entirely sure what to write about now that I'm back to *normal* life (who am I kidding -- I don't do normal. Normal people don't take 6 mths off to go riding :)... Does life inspire art, or art life? Riding (aka Life) to blog -- that part made sense to me. Blog to life... Well I guess we'll find out. Let's see... Maybe all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. Oh wait, that's been done >;-P

Ok for the record, to justify my random babbling, it's the middle of the night and I am definitely not asleep, and figured for lack of anything better to do, I'd post something here. Consider yourself forewarned! I also cannot see the screen w/o my contacts in, so will be a testament to my grade 9 typing teacher if this is at all legible! hahaha "A, S, D, F . . . F, D, S, A" -- I can still hear her droning repetition. But, evidently, it worked.

I guess I should change the title of this blog, but let's be honest, I like the one that's there :) Although perhaps the description could use an update -- and once I figure out what, if anything, this is about, I'll update it. It's the Seinfeld of blogs -- about nothing and everything simultaneously. Particularly sad as I didn't enjoy Seinfeld (yes, I admit it! See above paragraph where it was acknowledged that normal I am not >;-P) hahaha so I'm not sure exactly what that says about it's potential success, but we shall see. Guess that's what most blogs are about though -- tis kind of how they came into existence! hmmmm I wonder if the non-horse-people who've been reading this (they're out there, seriously! But I'm not entirely sure why :) will enjoy this version more??? Of course the flip side may be that all the horse-people stop reading. Ah well, what can ya do eh?

For the horse-people: Sienna is well settled in her new, if temporary, home. She has new paddock buddies that she gets along well with and seems to have acclimatized well to winter. Admittedly it turned to spring shortly after we arrived home, so that's not as great an accomplishment as it might've been, but still a good thing :) Si is getting Feb off, although if this warm weather keeps up I'll be on her bareback in the paddock *g* Was *very* tempted today! I have decided that I really despise barn shopping and would much rather just come into a small fortune so I could start my own place *now* and not have to go through it. Is that really so much to ask? The place that has everything I want, won't take the truck and trailer -- which doesn't seem like a big deal till you discover how much it'd cost to store those elsewhere! And the other places are, so far, not proving to be what I'm looking for... *sigh* Ah well, we shall see. Still have a couple to look at, so fingers crossed. Or maybe an arena will magically grow attached to the barn where Si currently is :) Oh comeon -- allow me my dreams. That's got to be just as realistic as winning the lottery!

I have created a wii-me (wii-mi?) hahaha and have been playing w/ wii fit. Imagine my surprise to discover I'm apparently a pro hoola-hooper (no comments necessary ;) and tight-rope-walker... But it's a *very* good thing I never took up soccer!!! hahaha but then, how often do people throw shoes and stuffed-pandas at you on the soccer field? And while we're at it -- if you have to hit something w/ your forehead, wouldn't you *rather* hit a stuffed panda than a hard soccer ball? And on a fitness note, tell me, if I run 5k on the wii fit does that count to cross it off the "30 things" list??? Cause their scenery is way nicer than ours! And warmer!

As to finding a job, or one I'd *like* that is, well that's so far proving to be a challenge. One interview lined up, but other than that, not much... N while I'd *love* to apply for the "Best Job in the World" ( -- which, by the way, would make this a really exciting blog again *g* -- I'm afraid I don't have the creativity or video skills to come up w/ a good enough application video to beat out the million or so other applicants. hahaha open to suggestions if anyone wants to help! :) Cause let's be honest, if you know anything about me you know I'm going to at least try! hahaha why not help me make it a *good* try?!?!?! But as to the more traditional job search, I suspect it'd help a whole lot if I had even a *slight* idea what I wanted to do... Sheesh. Def have to start teaching riding again soon though -- really missing that.

So it occurs to me that this is an awfully long blog entry to say absolutely nothing :) No lessons, no theory... Will hopefully have more horses to ride soon to tell stories about, but nothing concrete yet. Ah well. Managing to be ridiculously busy given that I'm theoretically not doing anything. hahaha classic. Well classic for me anyway >;-} But @ least I'm enjoying myself. N seeing my friends again has been amazing! Internet is great for keeping in touch, but nowhere near the experience of *actually* seeing people! hahaha imagine that eh?

Ok well I'm still wide awake, but I think that's enough randomness for the evening :) Night!


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