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Happy Birthday Kerri!!!!!!

Ok everybody now!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Ker-ri....
Happy birthday to you!

Yup, that's right, Kerri is now officially . . . OLD! >;-P Nah nah :) We needn't mention that she is still *technically* younger than me, cause well, I'm still getting carded to buy video games so clearly not yet old *g* hahaha But more seriously, Ker, you're awesome, and I hope you have an amazing birthday! And then an even better year!

Now as to the better year part of things in my end -- last year was so entirely full of drama, both the ups and the downs, that if it's anywhere near remotely close (oxy moron much? Sheesh >;-) to being as ummmm interesting, well I just don't know where to go w/ that. hahaha suggestions for how to top it this year? I'm still stunned at most of last year. hahaha but ok, time to move on. And in moving on...

I got a new job!!! Woohoo :) It's official now; I start on Monday. Doing the project-management thing for a very kewl graphic design company. I am *really* looking forward to it. It's a small, fun company and the work should be both interesting and varied. And busy! And we all know how key that is to me :) Cause, well, we've seen what happens when I'm bored >;-P hahaha So anyways, just thought I'd share. Not quite the same as raking pine-straw I know, but hey it's good to have varied interests :)

As to the interest we all share -- I taught a mini-lesson the other day to a non-student (as in I wasn't supposed to be teaching, and she's not technically my student, but I was there and these things happen)... Anyways -- like 5 minutes to fix a gap in knowledge rather than ability that led to a lightbulb moment for her. And reminded me of how much I love teaching. That moment where something you've said makes an obvious difference to somebody else and you're soooo proud of them for getting it (esp if they've been your student for a long time -- not the case here, but sometimes :) and they're soooo excited cause they *know* it's made a difference, and then you're excited cause they're excited, n it's just all good. And spending the winter w/o teaching is just waaaayyyy too long. S, P and N you guys *have* to come home soon :) You were lighting up the countryside w/ the lightbulb moments at the end of last summer -- clearly time to recreate that! hahaha Once I find you something to ride that is! Anybody else wants the occasional lesson, I've decided to do the freelance thing for this summer -- just give me a shout :) In all my free time that is >;-P hahaha

So I'm getting better at DDR -- still a long way to go, but there's less tripping over my own feet *g* and I have to say that I still feel that using Friendship mode is cheating! But then, otoh, aren't friends there to help you get through life's difficult challenges? So maybe it's kewl that they can get you through video game challenges too >;-P Back to that whole life vs art thing. Why *should* you have to do it all alone, it's not cheating to let your friends help once in a while (or twice... or a few zillion times...) hahaha It's a good thing I have awesome friends eh? Have I said happy birthday yet Kerri?

Miss Sienna felt the need to scrap it out w/ her pony companions -- probably only a few mins before I went to visit her this morn (judging by the status of the battle-scars)... She is going to be one very sore little TB tomorrow :( But nothing tragic, just one very large scary-looking scrape, and some other smaller (but scarier) ones to keep it company. The plus side is that being out in the snow when she did it all scrapes were clean and cold so I figured it was just as well to leave her out there than to bring her in (where she'd spin herself if she was alone) and wrap her... We'll see tomorrow if that was the right call -- but I'm reasonably confident it was. On the plus side -- the way she's been behaving the last few days, she's definitely feeling good! hahaha the first couple rides could be back in that "interesting" category. Well we shall see. Either it'll go well, and I'll be thrilled, or it won't, and I'll have something to write about >;-P Either way I win :) It's all in how you look at things!


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