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The Fitness Edition

So I have to admit, I've been having a blast riding other people's horses lately -- I have a new appreciation for "broke" and "rideable" hahaha. Neither of which Si is *yet* :) Made a bit of a fool of myself riding today -- nearly got spun off one horse (well not really in danger of coming off, but closer than was really graceful) and then jumped out of the tack by a horse I didn't expect to actually jump! hahaha so much for professional. But on the plus side I had a blast doing it and owners are great so it's all good :) N hey -- I haven't ridden in like a week! I'm clearly out of practice!

And as for not being ridden, Miss Sienna is gaining weight and very happy in her current location. I don't think she's going to be thrilled w/ me when I move her... That being said, after much searching, some of it very disappointing, I have found a place for her and she'll be moving March 1. Decent sized indoor, excellent care. Reasonable location. Only down side is said location has *no* hacking. None. Not so good for training an eventer :( So may be on the search again in a few months with the good weather, but we'll see...

Finally got to read the third book in the "green rider" series -- now I need the fourth one! And of course, no indication whatsoever when it might be published. Sheesh. Really liked the first book, didn't like the 2nd at all -- kind of a failed second novel, so wasn't holding out much hope for the third. But it may well be the best one yet.

Have been playing w/ alternative forms of exercise lately given the whole not riding regularly thing... So for riding muscles, pilates still tops the list. Brutal, but effective. For XC fitness, spinning. It's all about spinning. I learned really fast that you can cheat by shifting your weight just a little forward and straightening a bit. hahaha but if you do it properly and keep your seat out behind you it's all about the gallop muscles. N if it were a normal Feb and I wasn't doing XC 2 wks ago, that class would've def toasted me. So effective, but boring. N when I'm bored my mind wanders in strange and unusual ways *g* However I've been told that other coach's (is that the right word in this case?) classes are more interesting so we'll see. Oh but for those who haven't done it, if you try a spin class, remember you can NOT cruise. If you stop pedaling you get catapulted over the handlebars. Just an FYI. >;-P Fortunately I was warned ahead of time (thanks Jen!!!) and, of course, felt the need to test that -- it works >;-P

Still playing w/ the wii-fit, not so much for riding but it's good for body-awareness and just semi-entertaining if not overly stressful fitness. However, it too is getting boring. I really like the step class, but it's exactly the same every time -- Bev and I have decided we need a bigger/more interesting version of it... Ditto for the running imo. However, topping the wii-fit is DDR. hahaha now we all know I have *no* natural dance ability whatsoever -- as this thoroughly proves. Really can't (yet) do anything beyond beginner level *sigh* But is it ever entertaining. Can anybody out there tell me how, exactly, one is able to step on three squares at the same time w/ only two feet? hahaha

hmmmm let's see what else... Indoor rock-climbing was a blast :) Highly entertaining. And at the time seemed like a good workout (as in everything was sore when I left >;-p), but the next morning was like I hadn't done anything so prob not really that much of a challenge. I could easily see getting addicted to the challenge of that one if it weren't so far away.

Any other random winter fitness suggestions for She Who Has No Interest In Joining A Gym?


well, Lauren, I length swim one or two nights a week. want to join me? Monday nights is right now the best night (not as busy) and Tuesday was/is my regular night....Pilates on Wednesday...


Hey Heidi,

Sure I'd give swimming a go :) I'm about the worst swimmer ever though -- so might be kinda scary *g* Don't think I've been in a pool since uni :)

Where do you go?


I swim at the Erin Meadows Community Centre which is in Mississauga at Winston Churchill and Eglinton area. Actually it's just north of Eglinton between Winston Churchill and Glen Erin Drive - attached to the Catholic School. It is in the evening that I go - 9:20 p.m. to 10:15. I usually swim from 9:20 to 10 p.m. Let me know if you want to give it a try.


Hey Heidi,

That's a little far for me, but I may give a pool around here a go. Thanks for the suggestion!


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