Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Who says you can't go home?

We made it!

Miss Sienna had *no* interest in getting on the trailer in the am, and really can't say I blame her for that -- I didn't particularly want to get back in the Beast either! She wasn't bad about it -- just planted her front feet in front of the ramp and declared she wasn't moving "and you can't make me!" hahaha She'd really much rather stay w/ her new Morgan friends. John (one of the B&B owners) helped me and between the two of us, a lunge line, and a bucket of grain (why do I have the only horse is the world who's *not* motivated by food???) we got her on after not toooooo long. She travelled really well this time though, although apparently had a bit of a temper tantrum when I was in doing customs stuff -- I wasn't there for that, but heard about it *g*

Customs was easy -- probably at least partially cause it was deserted! hahaha walked in and there were about 10 agents standing around passing time. I was literally the only customer (for lack of a better word :) And then I guess Si was the first horse they've dealt w/ since the new requirements came in so three of them were gathered around looking at it and comparing it to the email they had received (HUGE thanks to Edwina - the vet in Southern Pines - for being on the ball there and getting everything I needed even though they changed the req's *after* she'd already filed the paperwork for me!!!) But yeah, customs guys were friendly and helpful and got us through w/ no grief and much faster than I'd expected.

She got off the trailer at Lisa's, took one look at the white stuff on the ground, and tried to get back on! hahaha but after that she just walked off, looked around, and was fine. No spinniness or dancing around or anything. I was so impressed (and yes I know she's probably exhausted, but still, adrenaline generally outweighs exhaustion in these circumstances).

It's snowing out now -- big fluffy flakes. Ah well -- if it has to be winter, may as well be pretty eh? Ok off to unpack and run a zillion errands or so (if you think that's hyperbole you should see my to do list!!!). Maybe tomorrow I can sleep. hmmmmm where have I heard *that* before???


welcome back... yes? no? though the weather welcome isn't so pleasant. Current temp as I'm writing this is -20C.


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