Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

In which Mother Nature proves her power in the smallest of ways...

So I went out early this morning and it was stupidly cold outside. The kind of cold where the first breath you take freezes your lungs. Get in, start car, decide to be responsible and scrape the frost off the front window so I can possibly SEE out it... (there was, in fact, an internal debate about this "well it'll melt by the time I get on the highway..." etc etc -- the good angel won. This one.) Anyways -- scrape away at the frost, which of course leads to little tiny snow mounds on the windshield. Yeah and? I'm Canadian, this is not new. Ok turn brush over to sweep them away right? Yeah, brush hits windshield and. . . CLUNK. Huh? Even my not-quite-awake brain registered that this was not normal. Nor was the banging sound as I attempted, failing miserably, to brush the tiny snow mounds off the windshield. Yes that's right, by 6:30 this morning I had been sorely beaten by Mother Nature herself. There were significantly sized ice chunks IN my snow-brush. Now maybe this is a more common phenomenon than I'm aware of. It certainly makes logical sense. But this was definitely the first time since I began driving @ 16 that I've experienced it. Entirely destroyed the usefulness of the brush. But it also amused me, so hey -- as long as it's not repeated, it's all good :) As to the tiny snow mounds? They were conquered by the all-powerful windshield wipers.

Ok have to say I'm absolutely loving the new job. And I know that once I get them organized (prob a month or three :) it won't be nearly as interesting, but for the moment it's a blast. N after that it should still be good.

Went on a field trip to the ROM today. They're a client, so my boss wanted to introduce me and demo some of the work we've done there. Went in the back entrance, got all signed in w/ security and funky badges to wear *g* But the truly interesting part was getting to go in the locked rooms where the displays that aren't out yet are being put together. That pretty much made my day :) The timing was interesting too since I'm expecting to be back there (as a normal visitor) on Sat.

Had a blast riding OPHs (that'd be other-people's-horse s) tonight. It seems strange after so many years where nothing could top riding my own horse. I'd ride others all the time, but I always liked mine better. Now, not so much. But who knows -- maybe she'll get there in time. This is far more likely if I actually start riding her >;-P hahaha you think?


Would those be the all powerful NEW windshield wipers that conquered the snow/ice?


hahhaha yes indeed! But of course the first ones I got weren't good enough, cause that car requires *particular* wipers -- the ones that fit 99% of cars, won't fit it. Classic eh?


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