Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

My mind is gone. I could've sworn I put it somewhere safe, but now it seems pretty clear I've lost it!

edited to add: Ok so I wrote this and then decided it was possibly the most pointless combination of words I've ever put to paper -- and that is saying something! >;-P So read or not as you wish, but consider yourself forewarned!

Had an interesting experience today -- I entered a parallel universe. Seriously. There's no other logical explanation. Yes that's right, when I drove past the Ford plant, traffic accelerated! This has never happened in the reality I'm accustomed to. For as long as I can remember, every time I've driven west on the QEW I've been able to count on a nice long break at the Ford plant. Return some phone calls, read a novel or two, write my blog... >;-P Ok so that might be a *slight* exaggeration, but not much of one. I mean seriously, there's even a FB group about it! (ok I acknowledge that's not saying much, but still). I have spent a disturbing amount of my life sitting outside that rather blah building, but today... Today when I drove by there the world opened up, the other cars disappeared, and traffic flew! And I have to admit, I like this universe a whole lot better!

So the field trip at work today was to Scarborough; now no offense to any who may live in that unfortunate location, but I have to admit it was nowhere near as fun a field trip as the ROM *g*

My new challenge at work is to figure out how to actually get work DONE when I spend almost all my time in meetings! hahaha after all, Rome didn't create their empire by having meetings; they did it by killing all those who opposed them! This, however, is not seen as a viable solution. Something about customer-loyalty and repeat business. Sheesh.

Just to give you an idea of why I enjoy this office so much. At all the other office jobs I've had, on the first day, depending how organized they are, you are shown to what will be your desk -- in either an office or a cube. You're given a computer which may or may not work and is probably not connected to anything, a phone (see prev point about functionality), some pens, maybe a pad of paper... N that's about it. This is the experience I'm used to. However, this one is different right from the start -- it's a loft, so no cubes, no offices. Tables instead of desks, and computers with some of the most impressive monitors I've ever seen. Very kewl. But the really impressive and telling change was one of the simplest things. The pad of paper. Now I cannot do my job w/o said pad of paper, so I was happy to see that common standard was met on the first day. But man did it go to a whole new level. So what's so special about a pad of paper? Well this would be no normal white w/ blue lines and cardboard backing. Nope, cause this is a design firm. Black hardcover sketch-book. No lines :) Some of the guys were amused that by today, all of day three, the book is about 1/3 full of notes and has tons of colour-coded sticky notes involved *g* The queen of technology is functioning entirely by using some of the simplest technology ever! hahaha

awwww there are fewer truly intelligent people in the world today :( So very sad. The world just can't handle losing intelligent people!

Ah well. Early night tonight methinks! Night!


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