Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The teacher becomes a student...

So my dressage lesson today was SO much fun! Had the opportunity to ride a superstar school-master who's forgotten far more than I've ever learned :) The first 15 mins or so were highly entertaining as I tried to find the buttons and as he, very quickly, taught me to sit still and use my aids correctly; because any "chatter" is responded to as though it were intentional. hahaha Move your leg slightly, the correspondent part of his body will move. Shift your weight and either speed, direction, or both will also change. Had a blast :)

This was followed up w/ taking Sienna (for those new to this story, Sienna is my 4yo chestnut OTTB mare; I brought her home from NC -- some souvenir eh??? hahaha. Anyways -- she's generally pretty chilled about life other than the odd track-flash-back and typical baby behaviour). -- anyways after the dq lesson, I went and got on my barely broke TB outside and, well, she was a superstar! hahaha

So overall an amazing day. Still on a high from it!


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