Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Giraffes and dragons and ponies.... oh my!

So I got to the barn today and pulled Si out of her stall to see that her leg is covered in a reasonable amount of blood :( Now we all know that first few days in a new herd lead to scrapes and bruises, but I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, she'd get through this move injury free. But no, sufficient blood that it's not likely a scrape, so I start checking out her leg hoping that it's drama but superficial. Nope. Not superficial. Not at ALL! hahaha seriously -- not her blood. There wasn't a scratch on her. So I found the BM and suggested that she might like to check the *other* horses that were in the TO paddock w/ her. Yup, she took on the boss. N apparently won. Other horse is fine too thankfully -- a bit scraped up but not tragic (not even unsound). Still have no idea how she managed to get blood there, but sobeit. I'm just hoping that's the end of it; unfortunately I know better... *sigh* We shall see...

Anyways -- I'm pretty well convinced my horse was completely oblivious to my presence tonight >;-P I think she just felt she'd been turned out in the arena with the other three horses who were running and playing and she should join in as she felt fit *g* She'd be superstar pony, soft and round (she's actually getting the hang of this now!!!) and then all of a sudden her brain would fall out her ear and I'd have giraffe on crack (well short giraffe) spinning in a circle to run and play w/ the other horses cantering around *g* I swear it's as if I wasn't even there; didn't matter what I did, I had no influence in the scenario. She wasn't being dangerous, and wasn't even trying to drop me; just wasn't even acknowledging my presence. The snorting and spinning was amusing the other riders though (who I have to admit were being amazingly considerate of her antics!) It's amazing how a snorting (fire breathing?) horse can catch the attention of everybody in the ring even when she's not doing anything really wrong *g*

Still having fun riding other people's horses -- nice to be able to do more than Si can and to relax a bit :) Driving all over ON to do so is getting a little old -- have to admit I'm *loving* having my horse @ a barn that's 15min from home! Haven't had that since I was 10 (well except for Denny's!) AND on the way home from almost every other barn I go to :) Means she doesn't get missed just cause I'm riding for someone else :)


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