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How to hack in 5 easy steps :)

There's no hacking where I'm boarding right now, so for me to hack is a multi-step occurrence.
Step 1 -- have good weather.
Step 2 -- find someone to ride with.
Step 3 -- find somewhere to ride.
Step 4 -- go ride.
Step 5 -- come home.

Easy right? Ok well steps 1 and 2 fell into place quite well -- yesterday we heard that Mother Nature was in a great mood and today was supposed to be amazing, so Kerri (that'd be step 2) and I started looking for somewhere we could go hacking together. Unfortunately the only place we could find that was open to horses at this time of year was the rail-trail in Dundas, n its footing would be too hard for Kerri's barefoot horse. Not to mention a rather intense first hack *g* Given straight line always (nowhere to circle to regain control -- not that that'd be necessary of course :), lots of pedestrians, pets, cyclists, n of course having to turn around n come back the same way we went out (see first point about the lack of circle :). So I had resigned myself to the fact that the first nice day of the year would be spent indoors. But I thought there might be some trail out there I didn't know about (oh let’s be honest, I don't know about *any* of the trails!) so I posted something on Facebook asking the world for their ideas... N in response Shannon invited us to come to Gorstella to hack (thanks Shannon -- you're awesome)! Beyond perfect since there'd be no cyclist or pedestrians to run into for Si's first real hacking experience (as opposed to cool-out @ Denny’s, which is the closest we’ve come). AND it's about half way between where Kerri's horse lives and where my horse lives. All good. Woohoo -- steps 1 through 3 in one paragraph.

But step 4, now that's where the fun really begins. Now I remember the last time I tried to load Sienna... With this in mind I called for reinforcements :) So Jen being the amazing friend she is came all the way out to the barn to meet me to help me get said pony on the trailer. So she brought Si in (I adore this horse, she always comes to the gate when you call so you don't have to go through the mud :) while I hooked up the trailer... So far so good. Till Si realized she was the *only* horse being brought in -- really sad that Jen had to hold her for me so I could tack her up >;-P hahaha someday Si'll be well trained, but we're not *quite* there yet. So we take her out to load her. N just as Jen's saying "she's just going to walk straight on" she stops. So much for positive thinking. N sure enough, as with before, she's not bad -- there's no drama involved. Simply "no". It took me, Jen, Bridget (BO where Si lives who kindly stopped in the middle of her insanely busy day to help out!) a lunge line and a broom to convince Miss Sienna to get on. N she wasn't the least bit stressed about this whole procedure, just not particularly interested in getting on... hahaha

But on she got. Eventually. Called Kerri -- her horse *is* well trained so figured there wasn’t any point to her loading till she knew Si was on n ready to go -- and away we went... Drove to the barn n park said trailer. Si is yelling and screaming n just generally stressing herself out. So I pull her off the trailer, expecting the attendant drama, n she steps off, trots a tiny circle around me, snorts once, n promptly starts grazing. N continued to do so quite calmly while I chatted with random people and waited for Kerri. Seriously like school-pony calm. I'm *reasonably* certain I brought the right horse! hahaha but you wouldn't've known it then :)

Kerri gets there, unloads, n tacks up -- in *dressage* tack!!! I was all impressed :) We head down to the valley (I *love* the valley) n pony's still super-calm. If I were more awake I’d describe this place for you, but I’m not, so use your imagination  Maybe nxt time I’m there I’ll give a better descrpt. Lunge for a few minutes, n she's a superstar so go to the nearest XC fence and hop on. It was about as undramatic as it gets. When did I inherit a school pony? Could only walk really as the footing was somewhat slippery (just as well cause if not those xc fences would've been *very* tempting). Now I will admit, for those who are familiar w/ the property, we did not manage to make it across the rapidly-flowing river *g* We waded into the shallows but that's about it. N Si wasn't thrilled at that. So one day w/ either water-proof boots or a good water-broke horse we'll have to come school again. But other than that she was an absolute superstar! Yeah pony :)

Ok how did this post *get* so long. Sheesh. Clearly need an editor >;-P After all, that's not my job description any more :) So step 5 was easier than one would imagine. With Kerri's help and the fact that Sienna was pretty tired by this point, we had her on the trailer fairly easily. But *then* I had to back up and get turned around. Yeah right >;-P hahaha but seriously, with Kerri's help (seriously Ker, if the whole office thing doesn't work out for you, you might want to consider opening a truck-driving school! I’ll be your first student – Steve can substitute teach when necessary :) actually managed to get turned around. Could NOT have done it w/o her telling me exactly what to do with each roll of the tires, but *did* in fact get pointed the right direction. Woohoo! Drove her home n then had to figure out how to get her off the trailer alone. Except that she was still in school pony mode so it was no problem. Walked off as calmly as could be :) So there IS hope for show season! AND I actually managed to back the trailer back into its space. Yeah me :) Ok end of mini-brag *g*

Now I'm absolutely exhausted for reasons I haven't figured out. Def too tired to make this a reasonable length post :) N thanks to the mountains of people required to make this afternoon actually happen: Kerri (required to make *anything* happen :), Shannon, Jen (making all sorts of non-blogged things happen these days >;-P -- oh I didn't get into spin class on Mon. Boooo.), Bridget, Mother Nature, Si, and Beast :) -- wow that's an excessive amount of effort for me to go ride around for an hour. hahaha I have awesome friends :) By the end of the summer, that will be down to Si, Beast, n Me :) W/ prob one or both of Jen n Ker but cause they really *want* to be there rather than cause I've dragged them into my adventures. hahaha Well that's the goal anyways. Ok must sleep now. Night!


So glad you had fun!! Next time all we have to remember is the hot choc ;p And good for you for getting the trailer back into that spot - that couldn't have been easy!!!!


hahaha that would've been the perfect addition!


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