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Friends, pets, and pizza -- what more could a girl want?

Alright so two posts in one day is a little excessive. I acknowledge this. But the shopping one was such a diversion from life as I know it, I figured it deserved its own post.

So yesterday evening I had dinner at PizzaHut with the girls from the barn. A good 3h affair. Gotta admit I really miss doing that; used to be an after-every-horse-show occasion. Although what we had to talk about after we'd already spent 15h or so together... Well let's just say that those who know cannot explain and those who don't know can never understand. Somehow though, those dinners were always a blast and always excessively long *g* N yes, always at PizzaHut. Yesterday I was thrilled to be invited even though I hadn't technically been at the event in question :) Suffice to say my horse isn't ready for that yet, and, well, Mikaela might not've liked it >;c}

So after pigging out on pizza one of my friends came w/ me to see Sienna. Always a good idea to ride after copious amounts of junk food eh? I'll tell ya there is the occasional day that I'm grateful she's not fit enough for sitting trot! hahaha but the thing is, my pony continues to be a star. Warmed up beautifully. Picked up the right lead canter on the *first* try. Woohoo!!! And then, since I had wonderful jump crew, we jumped :) N jumped :) N jumped. Tiny fence -- I don't think any of them were over 18". But just tons of repetition till it got easy. She even jumped the scary blue half-barrels! Woohoo :) High hopes now that someday FULL barrels won't be scary either. hahaha Gotta say, that was a first for BOTH of us since I've never even seen half-barrels before we walked in the arena last night. I'm discovering advantages to having a baby horse at a barn that caters primarily to novice and/or casual riders :) And little but interesting jumps are a part of that. Now we def had to do the "stop and sniff" test, but once she passed that it was a non-issue. Woohoo. Once pony's seen a bit more of the world, she's going to be a packer. I suspect she might be a bit of a tired packer today.

Spent most of the wknd putting together a website so that I can start marketing myself to the freelance-coaching world. N I was *finally* happy with the most difficult parts of it. Yeah, somehow managed to lose the three files I spent so much time on :( Completely gone. Not in recycle bin. Not where I left them. Just vanished. N replaced w/ old versions. It's as though they didn't save, except that I had closed and reopened them w/ np so I know they did. NOT kewl :( So now I have to redo all that n honestly I just don't write as well the 2nd time around. Boooo. But I do have to say a huge thanks to everyone who's written testimonials for me! REALLY appreciate it :)

And the exciting news of the day...? I got my bunny back! Woohoo :) That's right, Bilbo, my black lion-mane bunny, is home again. Anna was generously bunny-sitting while I was away but the time had come for him to move home. The world is right when all the critters are home :)

Ok lunch is over (lunch? What lunch?) Cya!


Okay so I totally miss pizza hut never ending dinners at the slowest pizza hut of life in Georgetown, that must be recreated! But maybe not in Georgetown haha! -S


hahaha ah but the slowness factor is part of the fun... "ok we've been talking for like an hour -- where's our pizza????" hahaha


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