Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination.” - Lasorda

So is it a bad thing that I'm planning a show season for a horse who doesn't technically canter or jump yet? Much less do anything that even vaguely resembles the fine arts of dressage or xc? hahaha My dedication to "just having fun" seems to have entirely disappeared. Oops :) Now seriously, who here is surprised by this? Yeah I didn't think so >;-P

Yesterday I was determined to ride outside. N sometimes determination outweighs intelligence >;-P Just cause it was perfect weather at noon does NOT mean it was such a good idea by the time I finished work and actually got to the barn. The temp had dropped, n the wind had picked up to a crazy level... N I own a somewhat unbroke chestnut TB mare. Who has never been in this ring before, and never been ridden surrounded by traffic, and generally doesn't care for being alone. Any ONE of these issues should have been enough to raise a "this isn't a great idea" flag, but one of my girlfriends was with me and her "oh well I know first aid, I can rescue you" was all the encouragement needed >;-P Oh comeon, I wasn't alone on the property. That's a HUGE step up from how I usually play these games. N so what if her first aid might've expired a decade ago; I know for a fact she can work a cell phone and there's excellent service @ this farm so it's all good.

The one thing I had going for me is the fact that Sienna is not particularly fit (and I have to admit, I'm being careful not to *get* her too fit until I can actually ride her. So with the aid of a lunge line, she got to run around and play add w/o me worrying about her losing her balance w/ me on top through the antics "omg there's a truck! Oh look a car! A TREE?!?! Where'd that come from? Anothercar?!?!omgwhat'sTHAT???everywhere-I-turn-there's-something-new!RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN" Now you have to understand, from her TO paddock she can see one reasonable road (think busy 2 lanes of 80km/h traffic), so she's used to the basics of traffic. But now we have a significant hwy (8 lanes of insane traffic) on one side of the ring, the road she's used to on another, and an equally busy road on the third side. The forth side is a field -- housing the monster tree.

So needless to say when I hooked her up to the lunge line away my speedy pony went :) Now I generally wait till I see signs of relaxation before I get on (tail dropping is usually step one). Well honestly, that never happened. But she *did* tire herself out enough that I got on her anyways. N, get this, she *walked*!!!!!! hahaha now I realize to the non-horse-people out there that sounds like less than nothing and certainly not worth ONE exclamation mark, much less several *g* But to those who have worked w/ ottbs in the past will understand all too well what an amazing breakthrough it can be to get on their horse in a revved environment and have them at least feign a semblance of calm. So I rode for all of like 10 mins n she was a superstar, so my friend got on her and she was STILL a superstar. Woohoo. Remained calm, n looked so good :) Sometimes it's fun to watch your horse go. N while we're still very much at baby stage, I can't help but compare her to the Sienna I started with (rear and spin left to avoid going right, back away to never-never land while putting on a bridle, xties?!?! yeah right, etc etc etc). Ah the fun and games of babies.

So first show??? Foggy River combined maybe? hahaha yeah right >;-P Grandview? That'd give me all of one more week. hmmm I think the key is going to be finding some XC to school :) Anybody want to go play?


See, and this is why I snickered when someone told me it was bad to "lunge out the bucks"... and how else do you expect me to get on?!?


hahaha "better 10 mins on the lunge than 10 weeks in traction" <-- that's def a Denny line that I've stolen :)


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