Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Laughter is an orgasm triggered by the intercourse of sense and nonsense.

So randomly drove to Ottawa and back on Monday -- 11h round trip. No problem :) New playlist on the ipod and away I went. Good thing I didn't have company cause I definitely rocked out for like the first 4 h of the drive. hahaha And made it home in time for 6:00 dinner plans. How impressive is that? Was a *little* disturbed by the number of cars in the ditch along the 401. All decorated w/ pretty yellow-tape-of-caution. Do wish I'd had more time to hang out in Ottawa though. Must do that @ some point!

Was at a "project management" dinner the other night -- classic networking type education thing. But had to laugh that at the end when a random person came over to speak to me "so is it your first time here?" "ummm yeah" <-- :="" a="" about="" after="" all="" always="" amused="" at="" be="" bemused="" br="" brilliant="" by="" can="" challenge="" conversational="" d="" day.="" driving="" easily="" eh="" fact="" figured="" gym="" hahaha="" he="" how="" i="" it="" just="" know="" life="" like="" little="" lot="" m="" my="" new.="" not="" only="" ou="" person="" say="" seemed="" skills="" smiling="" so="" surely="" that="" the="" they="" to="" toasted.="" trainer="" truly="" w="" was="" what="" when="" working="">
I didn't think that was all *that* unusual, but the number of people who've commented on it in random situations has made me think perhaps it is. Ah well, if I have to be socially unacceptable, being too happy isn't a bad thing >;-P Afterall, "laughter is an instant vacation" -- n honestly, the only one I can afford these days! N really, who wouldn't want a daily (hourly?) vacation? hahaha was out to dinner w/ one of my best friends the other night n we were gossiping about something (hence the whole point of dinner :) when I made some, perfectly normal (uh huh - you've been reading this long enough not to believe that) comment. To which her response was to draw a box in the air with her fingers: "here's the box". and then she draws a stick person way over on the other side of the table "and here's Laur". hahaha made me laugh. I'm pretty sure that drawing's going to become my fb avatar soon :) I'll be sure to make it a smiley face >;-P

Miss Si continues to be a superstar. Jumped her first vertical today! Woohoo! Now admittedly it was all of about 16", but she cleared it by about 2' so technically it was a jump. We won't mention that she simply went *through* the X I'd aimed for first; pony's becoming just a little blasé about the whole X thing. Clearly time to move on. Now if only we could canter, we'd be set! Ah well -- soon enough. Had to laugh though -- she hates it if I hold her mane. I can brush it, pull it (which I have to admit was a huge relief), whatever. But if I just hang onto it, be it mounting, or taking a wicked leap over a tiny fence that I don't want to risk catching her mouth, or just goofing around, she is not amused. First horse I've ever had with that reaction. N have to admit it amuses me enough that I do it just to tease her. I'm a pest *g* N I miss Zel who had all sorts of *things* like that (Thou shalt NOT put reins over her head while x-tied. Doing any exercise more than twice is against her religion. Boredom = hallucination. etc etc etc.) I may be a little pscy -- see above paragraph -- but I actually *enjoyed* that aspect of her personality *g* hahaha so it's fun to see even the tiniest bit of it in Si. But realistically I'm hoping she'll get over it soon enough. N I think she will -- she doesn't have the drama-queen gene.

Ok well enough of that.

Sleep now. Night!


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