Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

If you have the choice between humble and cocky, go w/ cocky...

... There's always time to be humble later when you've been proven horrendously, irrevocably wrong. -- K Freedman

hahaha ok so that has nothing to do w/ anything but it amused me so I thought I'd share :)

Well I’ve made it through two weeks at work. In some ways it seems like it's still my first day; in others it's as though I've been there for years. Getting a little easier now that I’m a bit caught up. Still trying to fill in some missing pieces, but at least I have time to breath once in a while now :) The guys I work with are a blast – makes for far more interesting days than any other office I’ve spent time in. N I have to admit to being thoroughly impressed by the whole artistic creativity thing. That’s a skill I’m afraid I’ll never have. But it’s kinda entertaining being surrounded by those who do. Everytime somebody feels the need to explain themselves by drawing pictures instead of just telling me or sending an email I wonder whether I should file it or frame it *g*

It is a brutal lack of exercise though I have to admit. Sitting all day is brutal. Been trying to make sure to go out @ lunch, but more often than not I just work through it – tricky.

Miss Sienna was a superstar today. Although I firmly belive that had far more to do with the 20deg increase in temperature than any brilliant breakthrough *g* She managed to canter w/ two other horses cantering and only *slightly* lost her mind :) She's getting super good about other horses coming towards her; really not so good about horses coming up behind her though! Baby steps. hahaha

Ok well I think it's bedtime now. Really looking forward to a couple days w/ nothing to do but ride :) Night!


Yeah horses coming up behind mean pin your ears and speed up, right? My mare thinks so!


hahaha yeah -- Si's not so bad about pinning her ears (hasn't learned chestnut-mare-syndrome yet) but she definitely feels the need to speed up!


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