Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

On various forms of transportation...

Ok so who out there knows about cars? Cause mine's playing funky games... So sitting in stop and crawl traffic and it starts getting very unhappy and reaks -- smells like burning rubber :( Not fun. So in first/second/third gear when you let it settle into the gear to cruise the car feels like it's going to stall and then rattles -- it feels like going over rumble strips. N then it's ok till you change gears again. Entirely happy at high speed, but those low ones are very scary. So yes, car has been deposited at the dealership. Very afraid of what this might cost me. boooo

On the up side -- my pony was once again a superstar. Although I think she may've just been too stunned to know what to spook at *g* To give you an idea -- we went in the ring and there's one horse lunging and a second rider getting on. There's a coach w/ her rather large dog (on a leash but leash not attached to anybody or anything) in the middle. Two young kids playing on the viewing platform (they were pretty well behaved but still) n lots of people randomly going in and out of the ring. If we keep going this way and she stays kewl w/ it, show season is going to be a breeze. Unfortunately that's a rather large "IF" hahaha but still, pretty happy w/ today. AND she seems to remember a reasonable portion of what she learned at Denny's! Woohoo!!!!


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