Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

This post is for Paula... And anyone else who's been missing the blog :)

Ok so for the record -- they say you should never shop for groceries when you're hungry, but if you don't like to cook neither should you shop for groceries when you're full! hahaha got dinner on the way to groceries. Now you have to understand, the entire collection of food in my kitchen @ the moment includes one slice of bread, one egg, and about half a glass of fruit punch. So I had good intentions... But I came home with all of bagels and OJ. So breakfast is covered :) Don't know what's going to happen at lunchtime, but sobeit :)

And as to where dinner came from -- Hardee's. Why I waited so long to try it?!?! A shame that I've found it right before I leave. Classic eh? Anyways, if you're in the middle states somewhere and looking for a burger place, this one is in the pricerange of McDs, Wendys, etc but sooooo much better :)

I have to say the one thing guarenteed to make me feel incompetent -- my trailer :( Cannot back it up anywhere near where I want it to go (and yes I know the theory -- just can't make said theory work!) And today couldn't even get it to detach from the Beast! Sheesh. So the 19yo working student who's been driving trailers since she was like 10 is going to help me tomorrow *g*

So yeah -- horses :) Well the main reason the blog's been empty for the last few days is cause Si got her shots and so has been hanging out in her field, n really that's just not all that inspiring. hahaha certainly not as inspiring as my lack of groceries! Today she came out of the field -- n that *was* exciting. As in rearing and bucking and spinning in circles instead of walking calmly in a straight line. But hey, at least she's feeling well :)

So do you want the latest from dressage world or jumping world? Yeah I know, stupid question >;-P But we'll do both :)

In dressage -- the latest analogy -- you want to be a Damascus Sword. Particularly core muscles -- straight, ridiculously strong, and at the same time, incredibly flexible. Good luck w/ that :) Let me know how it goes.

In jumping it was philosophy day: "make a decision". Even if it's the wrong one -- better to make a decision, screw up, and learn from it then just wait and see what disaster happens next. Some *might* say this is applicable outside of the stadium ring too, but who knows :) Anyways -- the particular context of this was you're four or five strides out and see you're going to hit it on a half stride -- push for the long, or sit up and wait for the short, but don't just sit there and take what's given.

The few of you who know my preferred riding style won't be at all surprised that half way through my next course it's "you know you don't *have* to leave long EVERY time. Get deep to the next one." hahahah cause I don't always choose to leave long or anything. Particularly amusing as I don't think Smokey'd ever even *heard* of a long spot before me, but by the end of that round... hahaha

hmmm my half-glass of fruit punch is gone now. awwwwww

Was supposed to go hunting tomorrow but cancelled due to frozen ground. So NOT kewl. Everybody's *very* concerned about the deep-freeze. I just keep my mouth shut :) Supposed to be warm again by Mon though so all good.

Ok enough babbling for now :) Later!


YESSS! best thing to come in to at work today :)



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