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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

This day in history . . .

So watched the inauguration today. Really interesting. I love the symbolism of using Lincoln's bible... What an amazing thing though; not only for what it means that a black person has become president and the historical changes that attests to, but also, arguably more important, one with real ideas to solve a mountain of issues... Now we just need the Canadian version in our Parliament and all will be good. No problem.

hahaha I was watching the CNN version and enjoying reading the little text blurbs -- but the one that really amused me was that the secret service refers to the presidential limo as "the Beast". hahahha my Beast soooo outranks theirs >;-P

Miss Si was a superstar last night. Worked her late, after everybody else had gone home. So quiet and peaceful... She goes calmly for about 10 mins and then worries herself, so focus was on keeping her attention and not letting the spininess (what a word eh?) deteriorate. N she was awesome. Today, however, she was *spun* -- and the reason...? Snow. Yes, snow is *very* scary. Now admittedly the entire population of Southern Pines seems to agree, but it's a little disturbing for the move back! Now much as I'd be seriously bitter about snow -- it's only for today and tomorrow (the big fluffy kind) -- and by the wknd it's supposed to be back in the teens! Woohoo. I can handle two days of snow :)

That being said, yes it's official, I'm now unemployed from the job that was supporting my working-student experience, so I'll be returning home @ the start of Feb :( So much for dodging winter... On that note -- anybody who knows anybody looking for a writer, an editor, a project manager, or a web person (or any other random position) I'd love to hear from you :) Ok end of plug :)

As to the blog...??? hahaha well my ego was very happy to be asked what was going to happen to it :) Don't know how interesting the horse-stories will be for a bit -- at least till Si gets ready to go xc... hahaha but maybe I'll just randomly keep it going and see if anybody sticks around to read :) We'll see...


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