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Super Short

So Sienna did XC today :) Woohoo! ahahha nah perhaps I should qualify that... Sienna went out on the XC course -- but I was behind her, not on her. *slight* difference. Although she DID go over a baby jump at a walk. Baby steps right?


OK, I laughed out loud!! Long lining over fences at a walk certainly is baby steps!!!!



no kidding :( I have to work to find the positives w/ this one sometimes. Personally definitely find it easier to start from scratch w/ a horse than to retrain one whose brain has been toasted by the track..


I dunno. Starting from scratch has some interesting moments too! At least they've seen the world when they've been on the track...

We're moving to a new barn... the owner also has a small herd of exotic beef cattle. This is gonna be interesting...


hahaha good luck w/ that :) Although I could see Bria taking over the herd and making them her personal slaves *g*


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