Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Get off your high horse >;-P Literally.

So have you ever considered how much of our identity is connected to our jobs? Like seriously, one of the first questions when you meet somebody: "what do you do?" And your answer to that: lawyer, doctor, professional-mother, engineer, editor, riding instructor etc etc etc. . . will automatically have connotations that influence their impression of you. So when you lose the job, what happens to that portion of your identity? Personally I'd still answer I'm an X... (X is a GREAT job -- I highly recommend everybody try it at least once! :) But I'm not entirely convinced it's accurate.

Took pics of the snow today -- just cause it amused me to do so. They'll be up on FB as soon as I find my plug to upload them. hahaha hoping I didn't leave that at home! We shall see. I'll add the link if I manage it :)

hmmmm new president's had a busy first day :) Brilliant.

So today's theory was "you cannot train a high horse" -- high as in spinny :) As in you are either burning off energy OR training, but the two are almost always mutually exclusive. This goes back to the whole "the horse must be relaxed first" concept. Basically if your horse is spinny, lunge him or go for a long hack and THEN try to work, but if you get on and try to work right away, it'll turn into a battle. A high horse isn't going to be responsive to subtle aids, so you'll rapidly increase your aids (and you're likely to be at least a *little* tense riding a rather explosie critter)... N well, you can see where it goes from there...

Ok off to find my camera cord...

ps -- photo link:


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