Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Jumping fun :)

THE most amazing day today :) Jump school w/ Smokey who did a serious jumper course AND kept up w/ the big kids! Including fun games like a fan, a sweedish oxer to a skinny (think one barrel wide) on a bending line, a triple (his first ever -- AND he did it w/ NO extra strides -- a serious accomplishment!), a corner, a liverpool, and a whole bunch of random jumps.

Again focus on getting/keeping/regaining the correct canter... And since 3/4 of the course was related distances, doing the above pretty much instantly. And Mr. Smokey now understands the "go" aid, which makes riding him a whole lot more fun :)

Sienna was also a superstar. Jogged in-hand w/ her over some baby-fences and she either stepped over them not caring in the least or cleared them by a solid 3'. hahaha can't wait to jump her for real! Hopefully if the weather holds the free-jump ring will have good footing and we can @ least see if she's got any natural talent :) What I was far more impressed by was that it was almost dark, cold, windy, and she was alone -- yet she never had a meltdown. This is significant progress :)

Ok well I'm zonked and must sleep. Still pretty happy from today's adventures though :)


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