Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

When you're standing on the edge of a cliff, a step backward is progress.

Short cause I'm beyond tired :(

Miss Si decided to be a 4yo chestnut mare today. "please turn right" "no" "turn right" "NO" "Si there's a wall to the left, you really have to turn right now" "NO I DON'T! Look at me, I can stand on my hind legs and SPIN to the left!" "yeah well now you just have to turn right farther...." Rinse and repeat ad naseum. I was not overly amused -- but was glad Denny was nowhere to be seen >;-} I suspect if this behaviour repeats it is NOT going to go over well. Just being nappy -- this all took place *every* time I tried to ride her past the door on the right (we could go by on the left np). Needless to say, when we did leave, we left through the BACK door -- much to her dismay... hahaha

ah well -- patience right?


Ohhh... I feel your pain. We've moved on from "I don't know what you want" to "I know full well what you want, I just don't wanna do it!"...


I think we're inbetween the two @ the moment -- she *kinda* knows what I want, and *definitely* knows she doesn't want to do it!


sounds like another 4 yo CM we all know well except she bucked like a tyrant... and she turned out ok ;p



Yeah -- this one's much easier in general than that one was *knock on wood* Stood like a saint for the farrier today!


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