Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Today definitely used more than 24 hours.

1000 bales of hay stacked.  Need I say more?  Of course:  Huge THANKS to everybody who came to help out!!!

This evening my coach hosted a mastermind group (not that he actually called it that, but it's exactly that) and an absolutely amazing supper for a variety of horse pros in his circle to meet with each other.  A live social network - imagine that *g*   As he pointed out, the online version doesn't include wine.  hahaha

Admittedly little awkward and very quiet at first as everybody met each other informally and attempted the obligatory new-person small talk over very yummy appetizers while we waited for everybody to arrive.  When all were present (including the next generation -- possibly the most social baby I've ever met) we gathered around the table and did more formal intros.  In the group we had a few eventers (focus mostly on training and competition), one jumper (focusing on bringing up babies), one dressage rider, a couple freelance coaches, one schooling barn, one who offers lessons for those with challenges (everything from non-verbal autism through to abusive home situations - she did *not* pick an easy route, but one that I imagine must be very rewarding in the end), and of course my coach and me.

After everybody had some idea who they were sitting with we started in on the amazing food *g*  Things got quiet for a while then cause all were busy eating.  hahaha but at least the awkwardness was gone.  After that things ranged everywhere -- it's amazing how long horse people can talk horse-stuff.    Topics included a wide range of things.  Consider everything from:
- how to have a life while living this career (apparently I'm not the only one who finds that a challenge),
- uses of social media (apparently I am the only one who does that),
- the pluses and minuses of breeding programs (I paid close attention to that conversation!),
- prevalent attitudes at horse shows and within the industry and how they vary by discipline
- the general evilness of ponies
- buying/building a farm vs leasing
- transporting horses across the boarder and/or flying them in from Europe,
- to coaching at home vs coaching at shows.

And a whole bunch more that aren't at my fingertips right this second (remember - 1000 bales of hay this am >;-P)

Anyways - was a really interesting conversation and great for an industry where people are notoriously guarded about their business.  And the food.  Omg.  The yummy yummy food :)


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