Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Still here :)


Those three letters sum up the last few days pretty well. I am so far beyond exhausted I have no idea if I'm even coherent anymore -- so consider yourself forwarned! hahaha but that being said I'm having so much fun with it :)

Horses are all moved, settled and happy. Sienna's even been less of a grouch! I'm looking to buy 2 more this week. Lissy and Dixie have proven themselves to be superstars while Mr. Jack has found a fun new game that's gotten him removed from the school and sent to GRS Boot Camp *g* It's a good thing I adore him so much!

Unpacking and organizing continues -- I'm at the point now where I have to hit up Ikea or Lowes or somewhere in search of shelving and organizing. In order to put stuff away, I need somewhere to put it!

That being said, my new tack boxes are AMAZING!!!! I'm so excited :) Ok so it's the little things in life, but really - they're pretty much exactly what I wanted.

Believe it or not, I have been riding. Not a ton, but have hopped on a horse a couple times while supervising first practice rides :) That way I can be there without coaching *g* Kinda.

I tell ya, it's a lot trickier organizing timing for things (like horse shopping) when you have to keep coming back to feed etc *g* hahaha I suspect I'll get better at it, but for the moment I'm just spinning to get everything done. Each day is getting easier though as more and more stuff gets found and unpacked. And I relax as things get organized so it's getting better. And my computer and printer are all hooked up now, so I'm getting closer to getting business stuff done too :) Of course it's all sitting on the floor for the moment. Baby steps *g*

I gotta say though -- when I walked in the barn the other day muttering because it looked like the lights were on and I *knew* I had turned them off when I left like 7h before only to discover they weren't on, but the angle of the rising sun flooded the barn with light and then the horses nickered for their breakfast... Well that was a pretty good moment. Later that day I decided the stalls could wait half an hour or so (cause really, who's going to care?) and took my camera for a walk :)

So yes, I have been taking a minute here and there to play with my new camera. Which I love. And will love even more when I know how to work it! *sigh* Haven't figured out how to tell it what *I* want to focus on - so I see the picture in my head, know this camera is capable of making it happen, but don't know the inbetween steps to make the magic. Have still got some great shots even without that though, so pretty happy about that. Some day maybe I'll even have time to upload them *g*

Speaking of uploading, I haven't forgotten about the nanonovel -- just dropped way down on the priority list. The finished version will go up. Probably some time before June since that's the last time I can get my free printed copy *g* Can't wait till the first week I'm organized enough to have time for Flash!

Anyways - it's definitely time for sleep. Those of you who are getting one word responses to emails please forgive me - I AM reading and enjoying them, but at the barn I have the slowest internet connection since 56K dial-up and no time to type a real response... Feel free to drop by though -- you know where to find me!


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