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Some people never learn...

So I did a new (to me) P90X3 video Wednesday – Complex Lower.   As the name would suggest, it’s an entirely lower-body focused workout.   By far the most repetitive I’ve come across in this series – the most like a normal gym workout.  Where you do a circuit of 10-15 reps of five exercises and then repeat the circuit four times.   Now “one” exercise involves: dead lift, squat, and lunge on both sides.   So it’s not *really* only five exercise ;)  

The workout itself wasn’t nearly as challenging as many of the others, but I could feel myself stiffen almost immediately following it – which is never a good sign.   The next day I was okay – not nearly as sore as I’d feared, until almost bedtime when my hamstrings randomly decided they needed to shorten significantly.  Ow.

Today however (the dreaded day after the day after) I woke up and honestly had forgotten the workout.  Usually that’s a great sign.  Until I just about fell down the stairs ;-P   Yup, apparently that’s not in my contract for today.   Was okay coming back up said stairs later, but down, down is evil.

So now I’m going to go sit in a 2.5h meeting without moving.   I suspect I’m going to age about 30 years in mobility in that time *sigh*.  Lunch time is definitely going to require a walk.


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