Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Happy Fri... Wait, it's Tuesday. Frig. Carry on.

Had an awesome customer service experience that made me laugh today.   Went do a local food court for lunch at a well known chain restaurant – sadly, I cannot give them the credit they’re due to protect the innocent lol.   Anyways – this chain sells Pepsi products; I know this, having eaten there many times before, but in the daze that was my day, I forgot and when they asked “would you like something to drink” I automatically responded with “Coke please”.   This of course resulted in the inevitable “Is Pepsi okay?” *sigh* “No, I’ll . . .” but before I could finish uttering my backup choice of beverage, she ducked into the back and returned with a can of coke that she very carefully wrapped two napkins around to disguise.  So credit to her – pushed the company line with trying for Pepsi first, but also had a backup plan to satisfy picky customers.   Honestly, it kinda made my day.  And I definitely bought extra product as a result ;)   It was the wrapping the napkin around the can to disguise it that really clued me in though.   Hahaha smuggling coke – in the most innocent sense of the word.

So I was also amused in my Spanish lesson the other day – two things I struggle with: tenses of verbs and remembering that words change depending on gender of person under discussion.    Lol so often whether I am doing something, will be doing something, or have already done it is, well, open to interpretation and can lead to confusing conversations, esp as they don’t all switch tenses the same way – tbh most days I’m happy that I picked the right verb at least ;-P    But way funnier was when I turned my brothers into sisters the other day.  Lol   Well I was amused anyways – suffice to say it’s a good thing my coach is patient!


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